Supporting Cast of “OMG, Your Honour” Reveal the Struggles in Their Careers

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The supporting cast portraying junior lawyers in TVB’s “OMG, Your Honour” (是咁的,法官閣下), are all relatively unknown actors.  Because of the popularity of the series, these four actors, Jackson Lai (黎振燁), Jonathan Wong (王梓軒), Kirby Lam (林秀怡), and King Lam (林景程) are starting to get noticed.  It turns out the four of them all debuted in 2009, but it took nine years for them to finally gain some recognition for their work.  

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The four of them sat down with Oriental Daily for an interview.  Jackson Lai and Kirby Lam were both in the 23rd TVB Artists Training Class.  Kirby Lam reveals during their probationary period, there was no one to help them.  They had to slowly learn how to find their spot and look for the camera.  As for Jackson Lai, he says, “I had absolutely nothing to do.  I was resented for being too tall.  Now, I rather be too busy and not have sleep.”  Jackson Lai had actually left TVB in 2012, but came back in 2016 after joining the Mister Hong Kong competition.  

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As for Jonathan Wong and King Lam, they both started out as singers and then transitioned to acting.  Jonathan Wong says, “When you transition from a singer to an actor, there is a lot you have to start over.”  As for King Lam, he joined TVB after competing in the first season of “The Voice.”  He joked that he was disqualified very early on and then just joined the company.  He says there were very little work opportunities in the beginning and is similar to new lawyers who are just starting out in their careers. 

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Jonathan Wong says there were some difficulties for him portraying his character.  He recounts a comment from a netizen that mentioned how well he was playing the role of someone born into a rich family.  Another netizen’s responded that he was just playing himself.  While Jonathan Wong humbly says this character doesn’t really portray the real him, it’s hard to not make the comparisons as he does come from a privileged background and went to Cornell University, an ivy league school in the United States.  

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