Kirby Lam Turning to Youtube After Being Frozen by TVB

Kirby Lam Turning to Youtube After Being Frozen by TVB

TVB actress, Kirby Lam (林秀怡), was starting to get popular after the company gave her several opportunities to film series such as “OMG, Your Honour” (是咁的, 法官閣下), “My Commissioned Lover” (婚姻合伙人), and “Our Unwinding Ethos” (十二傳說). However, due to her recent comments over Hong Kong’s current political climate, she was frozen by TVB. Her work opportunities have decreased and while she never directly addressed being frozen by TVB, she had replied to a comment on IG saying that people wouldn’t be seeing her for a while.

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The 28 year old actress has been with TVB for 11 years. Because of her public comments about politics on social media, TVB froze her. First, she was missing from promotional events for her new series. Then, she suddenly announced she would be stepping down as the host of the show, “Music Power” (樂勢力), after six years. With a reduction of work in her showbiz career, Kirby Lam was recently seen working at her own Japanese restaurant. She also just uploaded her first vlog on Youtube.

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In an interview with, Kirby Lam said, “I really want to get closer to everyone. Also, there have always been a lot of people DMing me asking me about my daily life when I go to work and a lot of personal things. I actually do want to share freely with everyone. I hope everyone will be interested! Furthermore, I hope this can be another income source, but this is not the most important reason. The most important thing is I hope to let everyone see Kirby Lam when she’s Kirby Lam the most.”

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When asked if she will be focusing heavily on Youtube, Kirby Lam responded, “I will, but I am not tech-savvy. I have to slowly learn. I am working hard at the moment! She also shared her boyfriend had once taught her how to edit videos, but she forgot most of the things he taught her.

Lastly, Kirby Lam also thanked a lot of netizens and fans for their support. She expressed, “Really sincere. The restaurant’s business has already broke records. A lot of people also left tips, but please everyone, don’t leave any more money for me. Your gesture is bigger than anything. I know there are a lot of people who need the encouragement and support way more than I do. So I hope everyone saves their resources to help people who need it more.” As for future filming plans, she says, “Everything is dependent on the company’s arrangements.”

Credit:, Kirby Lam IG