Kaki Leung Leaves TVB After Reportedly Being Frozen for IG Post

Kaki Leung Leaves TVB After Reportedly Being Frozen for IG Post

Another one bites the dust. TVB actress Kaki Leung (梁嘉琪) posted this picture in June 2019 on her IG account. Looking at it, the characters say “add oil” (加油). In her post, she said, “turn it right 90 degrees and look at it”, which transforms “add oil” to “Hong Kong” (香港). It’s rumored TVB had frozen Kaki Leung because the underlying tones of the post seem to be in support of the Anti-ELAB movement, which clashes with TVB’s interest and stake in the mainland Chinese market.

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Kaki Leung would be the sixth actress to suffer the consequences for taking a political stance that conflicts with TVB. The company skipped the freezing with Wingto Lam and just terminated her contract ahead of schedule. Ali Lee and Kirby Lam were first frozen for their comments on social media. “Come Home Love’s” Phoebe Chow’s contract was not renewed, followed by the recent departure of Marine Lee, who was frozen for 6 months.

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Kaki Leung had been one of the hosts of the variety show, “Sidewalk Scientist” (學是學非), for six editions already. However, when it came to the 7th edition, she was replaced. Since then, she hasn’t filmed anything or appeared in any other shows. It’s reported Kaki Leung has already left TVB, ending her 13 year career with the company.

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She posted this on IG today, “I’ve fell in love with hiking these past six months. As long as you work hard, persist, there will be a ray of light shining above your head to lead you. There will be a beautiful scenery waiting in front of you. #thepathhasalwaysbeenhere #gayau (add oil)”

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Kaki Leung spoke to hk01.com and when asked about leaving TVB, she expressed, “Thankful for a bunch of good colleagues who have been helping each other all along, but it’s time to mature, accept new challenges. I am in the midst of discussing new work opportunities. Once confirmed, I will tell everyone. Thanks for your concern.” She didn’t reveal the official date of her departure, but only said it wasn’t convenient for her to reveal the contents of her contract. Kaki Leung also expressed gratitude to TVB for giving her many opportunities to let everyone know about her.

Aside from her showbiz career, Kaki Leung also has an online clothing store business and revealed she will be investing a lot more time managing it. She said, “The clothing brand was actually started last July. Right now I can put more time to develop it.” Kaki Leung didn’t respond to the rumors of her being frozen because of her political views. Last November, when asked if she was frozen by TVB, she told everyone not to scare her and told everyone not to worry.

Credit: hk01, hk.on.cc, Kaki Leung IG

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