“Come Home Love – Lo and Behold’s” Phoebe Chow Parts Ways with TVB

"Come Home Love - Lo and Behold's" Phoebe Chow Parts Ways with TVB

If you have watched TVB’s “Come Home Love – Lo and Behold” (愛·回家之開心速遞), you might recognize Phoebe Chow (周梓盈), who plays “Garbage Ching” (垃圾清), the female counterpart to “Terry”. The actress was starting to get popular as the series was setting her character up with “Terry”. However, that will no longer happen as Phoebe Chow announced on Instagram that she and TVB have parted ways.

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The 28 year old Phoebe Chow started out as a model and then joined a model group called “Donut” in 2011. Due to the unstable income, she changed industries and started working at a 9-5 job. After a few months, she realized she still wanted to work in showbiz. So she decided to join TVB’s artist training program in 2012 and officially signed with the company in 2013. Aside from “Come Home Love”, she is also one of the handmaidens in TVB’s currently airing series “Handmaidens United” (丫鬟大聯盟).

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On new year’s eve, she posted about her separation with TVB saying:

“On the last day of 2019, there is something I want to tell everyone.

Due to problems with the contract, in the end, I must leave the company I’ve worked for 7 years. My heart is filled with unwillingness to part. Even though leaving or staying is not up to my decision, but I am still very thankful to the company for cultivating me and giving me opportunities for the last 7 years.

Now that I am free again, I will rest a bit and carefully consider my future direction. If there is a new direction, I will share it with everyone. Hope everyone continues to support “Come Home Love”. Looking forward to “Ah Ching” seeing everyone again in the future.”

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Credit: hk01, Phoebe Chow IG

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