2019 Miss Friendship, Blossom Chan, Guest Starring in “Come Home Love – Lo And Behold” as This Character’s Girlfriend

2019 Miss Friendship, Blossom Chan, Guest Starring in "Come Home Love - Lo And Behold" as This Character's Girlfriend

It seems everyone else is getting more work than the top three winners of the 2019 Miss Hong Kong pageant. First, it was hot favorite, Kayan Choi, who only finished in the top 5, that got acting and hosting gigs. Now it’s this year’s Miss Friendship, Blossom Chan (陳熙蕊), who will get a chance to try out her acting chops. She will have a guest starring role in TVB’s “Come Home Love – Lo And Behold” (愛.回家之開心速遞).

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Blossom Chan revealed she will be playing the girlfriend of “Ah Chuang” (阿壯), portrayed by Sky Chiu (焦浩軒). She also revealed her character’s name is “Grace” (陳凱琳), the 2013 Miss Hong Kong winner. Her character is a bit high maintenance, but Blossom Chan teases they break up really fast. As this is her first time acting, Blossom Chan reveals, “After I entered the cast, everyone has been very nice and encouraging to me. Actually, when I filmed the first scene, I was a bit sick. I almost lost my voice. I was scared at first, but they told me, ‘It’s fine. I can’t hear the difference.’, it made me feel very calm.”

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A producer of the show spoke to hk01.com and expressed, “Can’t really say she’s entering the cast. The college kids storyline needs a new face so we told her to give it a try and film it first. Coincidentally, her character’s name is Grace and when she first debuted, people said she looked like Grace (陳凱琳), so we let her try it out.” He also revealed she will have a romantic storyline and collaborate with “Four Great Blessings”(大四喜) on a rap to see if they can create any sparks.

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Reminisce her rap performance at the 2019 Miss Hong Kong pageant.

Credit: hk01, Blossom Chan IG