“Come Home Love’s” Judy Kwong Denies Being a Rich Girl

"Come Home Love's" Judy Kwong Denies Being a Rich Girl

TVB artist, Judy Kwong, (鄺潔楹), started getting noticed after filming the variety show, “Fun Abroad”, which is known for showcasing young actresses going on vacation. She guest starred in a few episodes of “Come Home Love – Lo and Behold” (愛.回家之開心速遞) as the character, “Venus”, back in 2017 and 2018. She returned to the show recently as the love interest between “George” and Chi Zi Hao”, played by Aaryn Cheung (張明偉) and Hero Yuen Ching Fung (阮政峰) respectively. Because of the return of “Venus” to the show, it has sparked interest among netizens about Judy Kwong.

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There have been recent reports about Judy Kwong living in standalone 2,000 square feet home with her family in Tai Po. In addition, it’s reported she owns a property in Happy Valley, an affluent neighborhood, and an investment company.

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She spoke to hk01.com and said the reports aren’t entirely true. Judy Kwong explained, “I invested in property with my family because they instilled the concept of investing to me early on. But I am really not the supposed rich girl or little rich lady. If it was true, I’d have a driver taking me around everywhere.” Judy Kwong expressed she has always worked hard and also gives family allowance to her parents. She hopes the public won’t overlook her work performance over the reports.

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As for the reports saying her parents are in the furniture business, Judy Kwong only says they are business people and her older brother is in finance. She explains further, “This is why my family members are responsible for all the investment decisions. I can say that I have some savings. The goal is to be able to pay the down payment by the time I’m 31, not rely on getting any help from family members. Even though I’ve never seriously went to check out the properties, but I will take a glance when I pass by realty offices because I need to know the property prices.”

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Even though her family lives in Tai Po, Judy Kwong had recently moved out to Tseung Kwan O to be closer to the studio for filming and try to be independent. During the interview with hk01.com, Judy Kwong emphasized she has always worked hard ever since she entered the industry and says she only comes from “a simple family”.

Credit: hk01, Judy Kwong IG