“Come Home Love’s” Judy Kwong Addresses Plastic Surgery Rumors

"Come Home Love's" Judy Kwong Addresses Plastic Surgery Rumors

TVB actress, Judy Kwong (鄺潔楹), started getting noticed for her role as “Venus”, the school beauty in “Come Home Love – Lo and Behold” (愛.回家之開心速遞). Netizens started to get curious about her. Earlier, there were news reports that she came from a wealthy family, which she denied and just attributed to her family instilling good financial sense into her at a young age. Aside from this, her old pictures surfaced, which led to netizens thinking she might have had work done.

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"Come Home Love's" Judy Kwong Addresses Plastic Surgery Rumors
Judy Kwong back in 2012

“Come Home Love’s” Judy Kwong Denies Being a Rich Girl

Judy Kwong responded to the plastic surgery rumors saying, “People suspecting I had plastic surgery actually isn’t something that happened recently. If we look back, I just returned to Hong Kong from the US. Before I entered the industry, there were already some not so close friends who already suspected whether I had work done or not.”

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When she first heard these accusations, Judy Kwong expressed she wasn’t too happy, but hearing these things now, she feels indifferent. She says, “At my heaviest compared to now, there is a difference of 30 pounds. There will no doubt be some transformation in my appearance. In addition, my make up was very heavy in the US. Slowly, I knew how to dress up and became prettier.”

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Judy Kwong also mentioned she still had baby fat when she was an entertainment host in 2016. She revealed she drank a lot of plain coffee, lemon barley water, and did lymphatic massages to lose weight. She says she has never considered getting plastic surgery, but reveals, “I actually have considered getting bone extension [surgery]. If I can extend another 10+ cm, [it’d be worth it], but I discovered it was only another 7, 8 cm. I rather just put in height increase insoles or regular insoles. I am pretty scared of the pain after the surgery.”

Credit: hk01, Judy Kwong IG

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