Shiga Lin’s Mom Wants to See Her Go Through Another Growth Spurt

Shiga Lin's Mom Wants to See Her Go Through Another Growth Spurt

Hong Kong singer and actress, Shiga Lin (連詩雅), has been getting a lot of attention for her toned body after she posted this picture on her Instagram account. When reporters asked her why she was dressed so conservatively at an event yesterday, she responded, “Usually when I work, I dress just right. I’m afraid people will faint. I’m just kidding! When I was filming “Line Walker 3″ (使徒行者3), I purposely went to slim down and worked out to gain muscles. It was at the same time, I was on a cruise ship, so of course I had to cheat some likes.”

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When asked about her bust seemingly increasing in size, Shiga Lin responded, “I did gain weight and I did do exercises for chest muscles, so it did get fuller. I have a bit of a “cup” now.” (Cup size increased?) “When I used to wear swim suits, it was really easy for me to expose myself and it felt really empty. Right now, it really is fuller, so it’s ok. A lot of my friends did breast enhancement treatments. I want to try it too, can increase in size a bit.”

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On whether her boyfriend feels satisfied about her “growth spurt”, she said, “He didn’t comment, but my mom is very open. She told me to eat more papaya, hopes I can have a second growth spurt. My mom had a really nice figure when she was young, 23 inch waist, had top and bottom, but don’t know why her daughter couldn’t inherit this.” Shiga Lin also said her boyfriend thought covering up would be better, while her mother was afraid she’d get cold and told her to wear more clothes.

Credit:, Shiga Lin IG

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