“Come Home Love – Lo and Behold’s”, Iris Lam, Recounts Growing Up in a Single Parent Family

"Come Home Love - Lo and Behold's", Iris Lam, Recounts Growing Up in a Single Parent Family

TVB actress, Iris Lam (林凱恩), has only been in the industry for four years, but she has been given a lot of opportunities, compared to her peers. She is known for portraying “Bonnie” in “Come Home Love -Lo and Behold” (愛.回家之開心速遞) and most recently, Kristal Tin’s daughter in “Girlie Days” (她她她的少女時代). Like many actresses at TVB, she entered the company after joining the 2015 Miss Hong Kong pageant. However, she made headlines during the preliminary rounds when she had a leg cramp while swimming. She competed with Louisa Mak (麥明詩) during her year, but didn’t make it to the top three. However, due to her good relations with people, she was voted “Miss Friendship” that year.

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Iris Lam earned recognition after starring as “Hazel” in “Girlie Days”. Her mother-daughter relationship, with Kristal Tin, especially during the scenes where she finds out about Raymond Cho cheating on her, left a deep impression among netizens. As it turns out, Iris Lam has a very similar upbringing as “Hazel”. When she was in middle school, her parents divorced. Her mother raised Iris Lam’s older brother and herself. Talking about this experience, Iris Lam recounts, “At the time, I felt a lot of things weren’t going smoothly. I was so young and already had to experience so much. Why me?”

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Iris Lam continues on crying and says, “I actually tried really hard to be a good girl. I feel if I switched places with someone to experience what I went through, they might’ve already gone astray, but I really tried hard not to make my mom worry.”

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Aside from her parents divorce, Iris Lam laments over the time she found out her mother thought she was a burden when she was born. She expressed, “I don’t want to make my mom feel like I am a burden, because when my mom gave birth to me, she thought I might be a burden. It was my father who insisted on keeping me, which is why I am here today. So since I was young, I already felt I am already not part of this world, why am I still here? So now I will try hard to make my parents feel they didn’t make a mistake in giving birth to this daughter.”

Credit: hk.on.cc, Iris Lam IG