Andy Wong Regrets Not Doing One Thing with Janice Shum in “Come Home Love – Lo and Behold”

Andy Wong Regrets Not Doing One Thing with Janice Shum in "Come Home Love - Lo and Behold"

TVB’s “Come Home Love – Lo and Behold” (愛.回家之開心速遞) has created a lot of on- screen couples that have been well received with viewers. Andy Wong (王致狄) and Janice Shum’s (沈可欣) “TitBik CP” (鐵碧CP) are the latest on-screen couple to get popular from the series. The “TitBik CP” is made of the straightlaced, “Iron Face Chan” (鐵面陳) and the superstitious spinster, “Rebecca” (葉碧嘉). The couple are finally making progress after facing many obstacles like when “Iron Face Chan” had feelings for “Mia”.

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When talking about their CP’s popularity, Andy Wong expressed, “Very thankful to “Si Jeh” for taking care of me, giving me pointers. Both of us mixed well together too. We discuss each scene and were able to come up with a lot of funny points. The most memorable scene was a simple stomachache scene. We had already discussed a lot of the angles and to pinpoint the pressure points. Not only did the crew laugh, but the reaction was good after it aired. Very happy everyone witnessed our hard work.”

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On the “TitBik CP” finally getting some traction in the last year, Janice Shum expressed she was really happy that the producers of the show didn’t forget about her as she had just given birth and had to stop work. They allowed her to return to the show and continue loving “Iron Face Chan”. Andy Wong actually expressed there was one regret he had about the show. He revealed, “The most regrettable thing is I have hugged a lot of girls, like Chi May Lai, Isabella Kwun, Ma Jeh, but I’ve never tried it with her (Janice Shum).”

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As for women pursuing after men, Andy Wong expressed he doesn’t like it when girls take too much of the initiative. He looks for someone with a good personality, someone he can talk to, and exercise together. When Janice Shum asked him if his girlfriend was in the industry, Andy Wong kept stuttering and didn’t know how to respond. However, he did reveal he didn’t mind an older woman-younger man relationship and was envious of Janice Shum’s family, but he hopes to establish his career first and then consider starting a family.

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