“Come Home Love: Lo and Behold’s” Ricco Ng Admits to Dating 32 Year Old Girlfriend

The 22 year old Ricco Ng (吳偉豪) plays “Chu Ling Ling” on TVB’s long sitcom, “Come Home Love: Lo and Behold” (愛回家之開心速遞). He is often coupled with his co-star, “On Jai” (played by Kalok Chow (周嘉洛)), by fans of the series. However, their hearts might be broken now as Ricco Ng made headlines recently when the media revealed pictures of him and his 32 year old girlfriend, Charlotte.

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Ricco Ng had recently posted about his staycation on IG, but they were all solo shots of himself. Charlotte also posted similar pictures with a man, but his face was covered. After comparing the pictures, it was very likely the man was Ricco Ng.

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After the reports came out, Ricco Ng spoke with the media and confirmed he is dating Charlotte. He said, “That person is me, but we want to keep it low profile.” As for dating someone older, Ricco Ng said, “There’s no need to comment.” It’s reported Charlotte’s IG account was set to private after Ricco Ng’s interview with the media.

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Ricco Ng comes from a comfortable family. His father is a civil worker. Ricco Ng attended an international school growing up. However, he skipped college and decided to try out for TVB in 2015 with his father’s encouragement. Shortly after joining TVB, he got casted in “Come Home Love.” Ricco Ng has three brothers. His eldest brother is a captain in the Hong Kong fire department. His second eldest brother had previously graduated from aviation school to be a pilot in Australia. His younger brother is currently a model.

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