“Who Wants a Baby?” Sequel Reportedly Replacing Ali Lee and Lokyi Lai with Kenneth Ma and Eliza Sam

"Who Wants a Baby?" Sequel Reportedly Replacing Ali Lee and Lokyi Lai with Kenneth Ma and Eliza Sam

Ali Lee (李佳芯) won the Best Actress Award at last year’s TVB anniversary awards for her performance in the series, “Who Wants a Baby?” (BB來了). Due to the good ratings and results of the show, a sequel was announced this year. It was reported the sequel was supposed to start filming in September. However, due to the recent rumors of Ali Lee being frozen due to her comments on social media regarding politics, it was later reported the sequel would postpone filming to January 2020. However, recent reports are now saying TVB is replacing the leads, Ali Lee and Lokyi Lai (黎諾懿), with Kenneth Ma (馬國明) and Eliza Sam (岑麗香).

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On these rumors, Ali Lee spoke with Oriental Daily News saying, “I did hear about some changes, but I haven’t heard what the changes will be. There were also reports that we wouldn’t be filming it yet. My schedule is packed and I can’t film a 25 episode series after filming a 30 episode one.” When asked about Lokyi Lai being dragged into this because of her comments, Ali Lee responded, “No need to worry. He has a lot of variety shows. The company also has a lot of series. No need to worry about not working. Every actor has their value and will be usable.”

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As for Lokyi Lai, he told Oriental Daily News it was unfortunate, but understood no one wanted this to happen. He also added, “‘Who Wants a Baby?” is Ali and I’s masterpiece. Actually, if anyone was missing from the sequel, it wouldn’t be good. It wouldn’t have the original flavors. So it’s right to use other people, having a whole new cast and a new story for viewers to watch. Actually, there is stress filming a sequel. With the way things are now, it’s okay. We’ll have splendid memories.”

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Kenneth Ma expressed he hasn’t received any notice from the company yet. He is currently filming “Line Walker 3” (使徒行者3), until the end of the year. Kenneth Ma said, “I haven’t officially received the notice yet. Whatever the company arranges, we’ll have to film. Being able to work, of course, it’s a happy thing. I worked with Eliza before. She is an actor who will make her colleagues feel very comfortable.”

Eliza Sam hasn’t responded to the reports yet.

Credit: hk.on.cc, Lokyi Lai IG