Matthew Ho and Ali Lee will have an “Older Sister-Younger Brother” Romance in “Amelia’s Rhapsody”

Matthew Ho and Ali Lee will have an "Older Sister-Younger Brother" Romance in "Amelia's Rhapsody"

The cast of TVB’s “Amelia’s Rhapsody” (愛美麗狂想曲) was seen filming at Causeway Bay recently, attracting many onlookers. Moses Chan (陳豪) and Ali Lee (李佳芯) were talking to each other on the streets while Matthew Ho (何廣沛) passes by and sees them two talking to each other. The main couple is Moses Chan and Ali Lee , but Matthew Ho does come between the two before they can get together.

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Matthew Ho shares he and Ali Lee have an “older sister-younger brother” romance in the series, but unfortunately their timing isn’t right. In the end, he initiates the break up. They haven’t filmed the break up scene yet, but Matthew Ho is worried about crying when the time comes. He shared, “Actually, this scene talks about Ali and I already on the verge of break up. Ali Lee and Moses Chan are starting to have feelings for each other.”

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Reporters asked Matthew Ho if he is able to accept older sister-younger brother relationships in real life since his relationship with rumored girlfriend, Rebecca Zhu (朱晨麗), seems to be doing fine. The two are only one year apart with Matthew Ho born in 1987, while Rebecca Zhu is born in 1988. Matthew Ho evades the questions and says, “Ali Lee is so pretty, of course I can accept!” The reporters press on and reiterates they are talking about Rebecca Zhu. Matthew Ho follows up, “Actually, a few years difference is not a big deal, but over 10 years is not okay!” In the series, Matthew Ho plays a “fuerdai” who likes to use material things to chase after girls. When asked if he uses this method to sweet talk Rebecca Zhu, he says, “Of course I don’t have this ability in real life!”

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