Matthew Ho Says Rebecca Zhu is “Girlfriend-able”

Matthew Ho Says Rebecca Zhu is Girlfriend-able

TVB actor Matthew Ho (何廣沛) has had a great year so far. Two of his series, “Of Greed And Ants” (黃金有罪) and “The Dripping Sauce” (大醬園), aired concurrently in the beginning of the year. The latter series allowed him to act as the male lead for the first time and collaborate with his long time rumored girlfriend, Rebecca Zhu (朱晨麗), for the second time. On working with Rebecca Zhu again, Matthew Ho jokingly said, “The most enjoyable thing is being able to officially argue with Rebecca Zhu.” He said, “Yelling it out felt great. Yelling at a person, you don’t need to worry about the end result. It’s so rewarding. How can you do that normally?”

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When talking about his relationship with Rebecca Zhu, Matthew Ho says she is like a really good friend, colleague, and partner. He was asked to choose who he had the most CP feels among Kaman Kong, Crystal Fung, and Rebecca Zhu. He said, “I would definitely choose Chu Chu (Rebecca Zhu). “A General, A Scholar and A Eunuch” (超時空男臣) was successful, followed by “Fun Abroad” (3日2夜). Hope the audience will like seeing this on-screen CP pairing, we can even earn money together as a couple.”

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Reporters then asked Matthew Ho if there was a chance for them to become a real life couple. He responded, “I wouldn’t deliberately try to make it happen. Let nature take its course. She is a really nice girl. Working with her is very comfortable. Take one step at a time.” (What is missing?) “Everything is missing. I am not using enough effort. Not good looking enough, not successful enough!” (She said you’re missing a little bit. What about Chu Chu then?) “She is very perfect. She is a Miss Hong Kong winner. She has both beauty and wits and also very girlfriend-able.”

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As for his rumors with Rebecca Zhu, Matthew Ho emphasizes he has never created any. He revealed, “I don’t know how to stir up rumors. I am a person who quietly films series. It’s just a coincidence that someone sees me every time I meet up with someone for a meal. I do eat with other people and watch movies, male and female alike. (Rumors are smokescreen?) “It turns out there are some things that are so profound.” Matthew Ho was once rumored to be gay when he first joined TVB. He clarified, “Maybe because they see I am fair-skinned and good looking. Some people did suspect at one point, but those familiar with me know I am not.”

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