Rebecca Zhu Talks about Current Relationship with Tony Hung and His “No Comment” about Her

Rebecca Zhu Talks about Current Relationship with Tony Hung and His "No Comment" about Her

The cast of “Forensic Heroes IV” (法證先鋒IV) attended a promotional event at the studios today. They announced episode 26 had reached 36 points. Reporters took advantage of the event to ask Rebecca Zhu (朱晨麗) about Tony Hung’s (洪永城) latest comments about her insinuations of him taking advantage of her when they filmed, “Wonder Women” (多功能老婆). Despite Tony Hung’s repeated attempts clarifying he didn’t take advantage of Rebecca Zhu, the damage was already done. It’s reported the rumors got so out of hand that the relationship between Tony Hung and Rebecca Zhu is severely strained and they won’t be able to work together if TVB green lights the “Wonder Women” sequel.

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When reporters asked Rebecca Zhu if there will be any opportunities to work with Tony Hung again, she said, “Mentioning it again…I am okay, I have no ill-feelings. But when it comes to filming and events, these are arranged by the company.” (Tony Hung hinted he doesn’t want to work with you.) “Oh, it’s still the same. All future collaborations are arranged by the company. I don’t really have any problem.” (Alice Chan said you guys are missing a bit of communication) “We did communicate. I previously said I contacted him and consoled him. It wasn’t just once. It was like normal friends communicating.”

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Reporters also asked if they communicated during filming. Rebecca Zhu explained, “Everything I said was not stirring up drama out of nothing. Afterwards, I consoled him more than once. I did apologize to him and said I was sorry. The incident already happened so long ago, don’t amplify the situation anymore.” As for Tony Hung’s “no comment” when asked about Rebecca Zhu, she said, “I don’t have any thoughts about it.” (Are you afraid this will scare off other male actors?) “No, I collaborated with a lot of other male actors before.”

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On her current relationship with Tony Hung, Rebecca Zhu said, “Same as before, friends.”. Rebecca Zhu revealed she hasn’t seen Tony Hung since the incident happened. She said it wouldn’t be awkward if they did run into each other. She denies putting Tony Hung on the table and said, “Don’t talk about it anymore.”

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