Benjamin Yuen was Happy about Tony Hung and Natalie Tong’s Break Up

Benjamin Yuen was Happy about Tony Hung and Natalie Tong's Break Up

On the June 9 episode of “The PakHo Ben Outdoor Show” (兩個小生去Camping), Pakho Chau (周柏豪) and Benjamin Yuen (袁偉豪) invited Tony Hung (洪永城) and Joel Chan (陳山聰) as guests. The four are all familiar with each other in some sort of capacity. Pakho Chau and Joel Chan break the ice about the years old grudge the two had over a Rick Owens shirt, but the underlying reason for their beef was more than just a shirt.

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The four of them were talking about how they met each other. When it came to Tony Hung and Benjamin Yuen, Tony Hung revealed they met on the series, “Rear Mirror” (載得有情人). Tony Hung and Natalie Tong (唐詩詠) also met through this series and started dating afterwards. He even revealed they went on a double date with Benjamin Yuen and his girlfriend at the time, Jennifer Shum (岑杏賢).

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Benjamin Yuen revealed he was unhappy one time and Tony Hung immediately messaged him to be strong. Tony Hung told him it was okay if he didn’t respond just as long as he read it. Tony Hung then asked him, “When I broke up, how come you didn’t send me one?” Benjamin Yuen responded back, “I was very happy. Because I know [she] wasn’t suitable for you.” In the end, Tony Hung and Natalie Tong broke up in 2017.

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