Pakho Chau and Joel Chan Recount Their Grudge Years Ago Presumably Over Florinda Ho

Pakho Chau and Joel Chan Recount Their Grudge Years Ago Presumably Over Florinda Ho

Joel Chan (陳山聰) and Tony Hung (洪永城) were guests on the recent episode of Pakho Chau (周柏豪) and Benjamin Yuen’s (袁偉豪) camping show, “The PakhoBen Outdoor Show” (兩個小生去Camping). While the four of them have collaborated before in some capacity, Pakho Chau and Joel Chan have never worked together, but know each other. This is the first time the two are working with each other. As it turns out, the two had a grudge over a shirt years ago.

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Pakho Chau first brought it up saying, “Joel and I have never worked together. I’ve always had something on my mind. We had some news back then.” Joel Chan responded, “I’ve actually thought about that incident for a few nights. I was thinking if we should talk about it here. This incident, truly, from my point of view, I was young and impetuous when I wrote those things. It was over a shirt. It was actually a very silly thing.” Pakho Chau agreed that he was also young and impetuous and agreed it was very silly.

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Joel Chan went further to explain that now they both have families and children, that incident seems very funny when talking about it again. Pakho Chau agreed this is something they should experience. However, they never went into detail about the incident. Tony Hung told them to get to the topic. Pakho Chau said, “The topic is that I really got to know Joel today.” Tony Hung kept insisting about what the shirt meant. Joel Chan said, “As long as we know what it was about, it’s fine.” Benjamin Yuen told him to go look it up online.

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So was it really about a shirt? The incident dates back to 2010 when Pakho Chau was often rumored with the late Stanley Ho’s daughter, Florinda Ho (何超雲). There were plenty of rumors of them being close. Florinda Ho had once described Pakho Chau as a really ideal friend. However, Joel Chan was starting to pursue after Florinda Ho in 2011, pitting Joel Chan and Pakho Chau to be “competitors”. Joel Chan had made this post on Weibo seemingly directing it towards Pakho Chau: “Who would understand my emotions? Can some people not use other people’s names to appear in the news? RO (Rick Owens) was originally one of my favorite brands, but I won’t wear it anymore because some people messed it up by wearing it.”

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During that time, Pakho Chau was a big fan of Rick Owens and would often show his collector’s items. So many people thought Joel Chan’s post was referring to Pakho Chau. So naturally, he fired back saying, “I know you see me. Come at me as much as you like, continue continue, I really like this battle on Day 3 of the Lunar New Year.” Afterwards, Joel Chan had revealed he and his wife had divorced. He was soon seen dating Florinda Ho and labeled “scumbag of the century”. Pakho Chau had once dissed him in an interview saying, “These are adult matters. I’ve never gotten married and never went through this stage. I don’t know what marriage is.” Florinda Ho had also left a comment saying, “As friends, we shouldn’t be using each other. Don’t you feel guilty and ashamed? Do you have a conscience? Friends should be there for each other, so for this person, even if you draw the lines with him, it’s not a pity.”

Joel Chan and Florinda Ho dated from 2011 until a very public and tumultuous split in 2013.

Credit: Skypost, Tony Hung IG

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