Pakho Chau Has His Own “Wonder Women” Wife

Pakho Chau Has His Own "Wonder Women" Wife

Pakho Chau (周柏豪) is getting really popular these days as the sweet “Ho Tin” in TVB’s hit series, “Wonder Women” (多功能老婆). While he might not look it, Pakho Chau is already 35 years old. The heart throb has kept his personal life very private. He suddenly announced his marriage in 2016 when no one knew who he was dating. He followed the same pattern when he announced the birth of his daughter in early December. As it turns out, Pakho Chau’s wife, Stephanie, is also a “wonder women”.

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Even though they have kept their relationship very private, Pakho Chau has once mentioned that he fell in love at first sight when he saw his wife. The two were already dating long before Pakho Chau entered the industry. During one of his concerts, he had revealed, “She actually asked me if we needed to cancel the wedding. At that moment, I felt I’ve been making it hard for her. In these 10+ years, she has sacrificed a lot for me. At this moment, I know, it’s heaven giving me a partner that I can be with until the end. Very thankful to her.”

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Pakho Chau Has His Own "Wonder Women" Wife

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The little we do know about Stephanie is that she used to be a fashion buyer. She met Pakho Chau in 2006 when he was still a model. It’s reported his income was very low and didn’t have work for 3 months at the time. He practically had 0 income. He expressed, “I had no money at that time. She even had to financially support me. I had no money to buy anything for her. The only thing I could do was gift her these two songs, “My Vow” (我的宣言) and “Dawn” (天光). It’s said Stephanie didn’t mind helping to support the family and even initiated to take care Pakho Chau’s parents so he could focus on developing his career.

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Fortunately, Pakho Chau was financially savvy. Listening to his family’s advice, he used around 600,000 HKD to buy a “HOS” (居屋) unit when he first debuted. Few years later, he was able to purchase another “HOS” unit to rent out, while his family of five, including Stephanie, all lived in a unit in Tseung Kwan O. However, it’s said Stephanie had never once complained and has always considered Pakho Chau’s needs first.

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Aside from supporting his family, Stephanie also helped Pakho Chau run his fashion business. She also knows how to invest. Pakho Chau bought a 40 million HKD mansion in Clearwater Bay last year. It’s reported the mansion only has his wife’s name on the house deed and was a present for her. Pakho Chau recently revealed he wants to chase after a son, but will focus on work right now. He also revealed all the financial decisions are left to his wife. Stephanie is truly a “wonder women” wife.

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