Pakho Chau Once Served Joey Yung Before He Got into the Industry

Pakho Chau Once Served Joey Yung Before He Got into the Industry

Pakho Chau (周柏豪) debuted as a singer in 2007 when he was 23 years old. His career has been relatively smooth throughout the 13 years. However, Pakho Chau was recently on a RTHK radio show and talked about his struggles when he was still a model at 18. He revealed he had a lot of acne at the time, which resulted in a lot of loss jobs.

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Talking about this memory, Pakho Chau revealed his current boss, Stephen Chau (鄒世龍), had introduced him to be a recording studio sound engineer for renowned music producer, Chan Kwong-Wing (陳光榮). He said, “At the time, Stephen introduced a nonpaying job to me. It was to learn music production and to help singers record and more. I remember there was a time Joey (Yung 容祖兒) went to Chan Kwong-Wing’s studio to record. I helped her pour water, wiped the MIC, and helped bring a chair for her, but Joey didn’t recognize me. Because at the time, I was the most unconfident. Face was full of pimples. I didn’t dare to look at people when I felt down. I don’t think I ever told this back to Joey.”

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Pakho Chau also revealed he often saw Ekin Cheng (鄭伊健) at the recording studio. As he felt too inferior, he didn’t dare talk to Ekin Cheng. He expressed, “Ekin-gorgor has been my idol since I was young. So when I saw him at the time, I definitely didn’t know how to face him. I just secretly looked and listened to him.”

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Pakho Chau worked at this job for two years. He jokingly said that aside from learning how to produce music, he also learned how to change the water machine and would mop the bathroom floor whenever he saw dirty water.

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