Pakho Chau Surprises Everyone by Announcing the Birth of His Baby Girl

Pakho Chau Surprises Everyone by Announcing the Birth of His Baby Girl

Pakho Chau (周柏豪) and his non-celebrity wife, Stephanie, got married three years ago. The couple has always kept a very low profile. Even on their wedding day, only Stephanie’s back was revealed to the public. Back in May, Stephanie was already rumored to be pregnant, but he denied it. So it came as a surprise when Pakho Chau announced today that him and his wife welcomed their first born, a baby girl! It’s reported Pakho Chau’s wife gave birth on December 2nd.

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He announced the good news on Instagram today, saying:

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“Hello everyone. My family’s little daughter is born. We are parents now. This Miss Chau weighed 6.7 lbs when she was born. She looks pretty just like her mother. Even with her tiny body, she possesses a very loud cry. All I know is that these days have been extremely hard on my wife. Women are too strong. Mothers are just too great. In the coming days, I will definitely take good care of them both. I must also let my little princess become a healthy, happy, and kind person. At this moment, I am also missing my grandmother. Please continue blessing. Grateful.”

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Pakho Chau also responded back to the media saying: “Thank you everyone for your blessings. My wife and I are extremely happy and grateful. We have a baby girl. She doesn’t have a name yet. We will change it soon. Seeing her happy and healthy, we are satisfied already.”

Credit:, Pakho Chau IG