Tension Between Tony Hung and Rebecca Zhu Rumored to Have Escalated, Only One to Return in “Wonder Women” Sequel?

Tension Between Tony Hung and Rebecca Zhu Rumored to Have Escalated, Only One Person Can Stay in "Wonder Women" Sequel?

TVB’s “Wonder Women” (多功能老婆) was a hit series last year. It earned accolades for Miriam Yeung (楊千嬅) and Pakho Chau (周柏豪) at the TVB anniversary awards in January. It was the sixth highest viewed series last year, which led to netizens calling for a sequel. Producer of the series, Ella Chan Bo-wah (陳寶華), said they would have to wait for the company to arrange for it.

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However, there are rumors of tension between Tony Hung (洪永城) and Rebecca Zhu (朱晨麗) over the latter’s public complaints last year about Tony Hung adding too many intimate impromptu scenes. This led to Tony Hung being targeted by the press, making him unhappy despite clarifying that he didn’t take advantage of her. There are rumors the tension has escalated between them, making it hard for both of them to work together.

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Ella Chen said she spoke to the both of them about what had transpired. She said she never received any complaints about Tony Hung acting inappropriately. She explained: “The female probably didn’t know how to express herself. The male is unhappy for being talked about like that, so I urged Tony Hung to treat it like a joke.”

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When Tony Hung was asked about it again he clarified he didn’t take advantage of her and said, “We did discuss it beforehand. I don’t know why when it came out the words led people to misunderstand me for feeling her up.” On reports that Rebecca Zhu apologized to Tony Hung twice over the phone, Tony Hung said, “She did say sorry to me and hoped there won’t be anymore misunderstandings.” (Do you think this allegation has ruined your future?) “I have no comment about this person. I am innocent, I don’t need to clarify.” (Willing to work with her again?) “Up to the company to decide, but I feel as a gentleman, I should stay far away from danger.”

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Rebecca Zhu responded to the rumors about either her or Tony Hung being removed from the sequel by saying, “All the actors are doing it for the sake of the character and the series. What I said was the truth. I did call Tony. He was unhappy so I called to console him. I have to wait for the company to arrange for the sequel. There won’t be problems collaborating together nor grudges exist.”

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