Katy Kung Reportedly Vented about Rebecca Zhu Getting Special Treatment on Set

Katy Kung Reportedly Vented about Rebecca Zhu Getting Special Treatment on Set

Katy Kung (龔嘉欣) and Rebecca Zhu (朱晨麗) are currently filming a new TVB series called “The Dripping Sauce” (大醬園). Katy Kung landed in the hospital last month for vertigo due to lack of rest while filming the series. In order to avoid affecting the progress of the filming, Katy Kung continued working after getting released from the hospital.

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Katy Kung might’ve been upset about unfair treatment on set as she vented about it on her own personal Facebook account. She said: “Everyone is working hard. Don’t tell me who isn’t feeling well or is pushing very hard and tell me to help. I already helped several times. I already took one for the team a few times already. I was also sick and didn’t get enough rest, but I still went to work. I’ve been enduring this for over 10 years already. If you’re afraid of working hard then don’t be an actor.”

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Unfortunately, Katy Kung had deleted that post not long after. However, the media suspects Katy Kung was venting about Rebecca Zhu, who is the female lead, using excuses to take sick days from work, impacting the filming progress. One media outlet reported Katy Kung is often acting like a bigwig. It’s reported she is often taking it out on the staff member when she is unsatisfied with the schedule. As she doesn’t want to wait too long between scenes, she is often asking the crew to change the schedule. She would choose the scenes that would be more convenient for her to film, but would impact the schedules for the other actors.

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However, Apple Daily HK reports they heard another side to the story that claims Rebecca Zhu has the A-List celebrity treatment. There were claims about Rebecca Zhu often demanding other actors to accommodate to her schedule. For instance, if she was working late the previous night, she would declare she would be starting work later the next morning. Another incident was when she told the production assistant to schedule her scenes later so she can sleep in longer. There was a huge scene with all the actors already present to film, but she was late for 2 hours, making everyone wait for her. There was a time when Rebecca Zhu finished filming one scene, she didn’t have another scene until the third one. Rebecca Zhu told the production assistant she wasn’t feeling well and requested to film her scene first, postponing Katy Kung’s scene. However, Katy Kung also said she wasn’t feeling well and rejected the request. The director also kept the schedule as is, making Rebecca Zhu allegedly upset and started throwing tantrums.

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Katy Kung responded to the media about her venting and whether it was directed towards Rebecca Zhu, “I don’t want this incident to keep growing. These 10+ years, I endured all the hardships. My work ethics have never changed. People that know me know what kind of person I am. I’m not going to talk about this. I don’t want gossip spreading around.”

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Rebecca Zhu also responded to the matter saying, “Because we’re filming in the summer and it’s 30 episodes long, so each actor is suffering. I also got heatstroke during filming, but continued filming. I believe a lot of people will use social media to relieve their stress. So I understand and be considerate of people who do that.”

Veteran actress, Mimi Kung (龔慈恩), who is part of the cast, was asked about these allegations. She said, “There was no such thing. Filming this series, everyone was working so hard and suffered a lot. Everyone helped each other out. The hardest part is each scene has so many people.” When asked if Rebecca Zhu is often changing the schedule to adapt to her schedule, she said, “None of the actors have issues. The junior actors are very respectful of their seniors. Like getting on and off the car, they would help me grab my things. I was very touched.”

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Credit: Apple Daily HK, hk.on.cc, Katy Kung IG, Rebecca Zhu IG

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