Katy Kung Denies Dating Wealthy Malaysian Businessman

Katy Kung Denies Dating Wealthy Malaysian Businessman

There are recent rumors circulating TVB actress, Katy Kung (龔嘉欣), is dating a 30 year old wealthy Malaysian businessman named Bryan. It’s reported Bryan was the who one gave her the funds to start her hotpot restaurant in Malaysia. However, Katy Kung denied those claims and said she partnered with a friend from Hong Kong to open the restaurant. Reporters also discovered the English letters of her license plate is KB, suspecting it stands for Katy and Bryan.

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When asked about her rumors with Bryan, Katy Kung expressed, “Not dating, we’re just normal friends. We met when Bryan invited me and a few other TVB colleagues for work in Malaysia. When asked about being in the same pictures together, Katy Kung expressed, “No recollection of this. These pictures are from work. It was probably taken by friends.”

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Bryan is the one in the black shirt and glasses, third person from the right on the top row.

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On whether there are chances to develop further, Katy Kung said, “Not going to think about dating right now. I’ll be filming from January to September. Since the company is willing to give me chances, I won’t think about a lot of things.” Reporters also mentioned Bryan having financial issues, which Katy Kung said she wasn’t too sure.

Credit: hk.on.cc, Katy Kung IG