Will “Justice Bao: The First Year” Be Nancy Wu’s Last TVB Series?

Will "Justice Bao: The First Year" Be Nancy Wu's Last TVB Series?

TVB actress, Nancy Wu (胡定欣), hasn’t really been plastered in the Hong Kong headlines lately. That’s because she hasn’t filmed any new series or had a series air for nearly a year. Luckily, her new series, “Justice Bao: The First Year” (包青天再起風雲) will be airing on July 22. She attended an event to promote the series recently and when reporters interviewed her about a lack of new works, she said, “I’ve been worrying about not having any new series come out this year. I only realized it after our colleagues mentioned it. My series in the last two or three years have all aired during summer. In fact, the results and ratings have all been good. I hope it’ll be the same for this series too.”

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When asked if she’s not filming anything due to the rumors of her not renewing her contract with TVB, she responded, “Justice Bao: The First Year” is in fact my last series at the moment. I had a series that was supposed to start filming in June or July and that has been canceled too. So at this moment, I still haven’t received any news to film any new series for this year. So I will do a good job promoting this series. I feel whether the series gets the green light to film or not doesn’t have anything to do with my contract. Perhaps the series might start filming at another time. I still have some time left on my contract with TVB.”

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Nancy Wu also shared during this past year, she actually didn’t go on vacation to relax. She said, “I didn’t really go out and have fun this year. On the contrary, I think this is the best time to elevate myself. In the beginning, I didn’t really get used to it. Since I have this opportunity to take a break, then I’ll go and do what I want to do.”

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On the rumors of TVB inviting Kenneth Ma and her filming a new series together, she said she is never in any of the series he is filming and hopes to work with him again. As for netizens wanting them to get back together, Nancy Wu responds, “Everyone is joking. Because he has a series out, so there are more talking points. His series achieved good results. I am also happy for him. I also watched it.”

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