Owen Cheung Rumored with “Beautiful Cooking” Beauty, Nancy Wu Just a Smoke Screen?

Owen Cheung Rumored with "Beautiful Cooking" Beauty, Nancy Wu Just a Smoke Screen?

Rising TVB star, Owen Cheung (張振朗), was recently rumored to be in an older woman-younger man relationship with TVB first line actress, Nancy Wu (胡定欣).  However, the rumors died down and the latest news is Nancy and Owen’s BFF, Brian Tse, are a new item.  

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Owen announced his break up with fellow TVB artist, Apple Chan (陳芷尤) in April of this year after a three year relationship.  It seems he has set his sights on a new lady, Zoe Yu (余潔滢), who is one of the trainees on TVB variety show, “Beautiful Cooking” (美女廚房), where Owen is also a host.  Recently, the “Beautiful Cooking” show taped a special on a yacht out at sea with the trainees and the three hosts.  From eyewitness account, it is said Owen paid special attention to Zoe.  His eyes never left Zoe’s.  It seems Zoe is also enjoying the attention.

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Owen Cheung Zoe Yu Beautiful Cooking
Zoe Yu on the left and Owen Cheung behind Bob Lam
Credit: East Week

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Owen Cheung Zoe Yu Beautiful Cooking
Owen Cheung with ex-girlfriend, Apple Chan
Credit: hk.on.cc

Credit: hk.on.ccEast Week, Owen Cheung IG

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  1. I cant tell the trainees apart jn the show. They all look similar to me lol. I really like the show although the original series with Ronald Cheng was way funnier to me.

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