TVB Artists Sacrifice for New Series “Airport Security Unit”

TVB Artists Sacrifice for New Series "Airport Security Unit"

Yesterday, a bunch of TVB actors attended the costume fitting and blessing ceremony in the TVB Tseung Kwan O studio for new series, “Airport Security Unit”《機場特警》.  The series stars, Mat Yeung (楊明), Sisley Choi (蔡思貝), Owen Cheung (張振朗), Roxanne Tong (湯洛雯), and others.

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In the series, Sisley Choi portrays an airport security special agent.  To get into character, the actress decided to chop off her hair again.  Sisley adds, “It feels like I’m starting over again.  I am worried because it’s another big change.  In the past two years, I let my hair grow long and the public commented I was more feminine, prettier.  Now that I’ve cut my hair short, I am taking a risk and starting over.  I’m not sure if the audience can accept this.  So I am scared.  It was pretty meaningful the day I cut my hair, it felt like a new chapter.  That’s why I actually cut my own hair that day.  I was crying inside while I was cutting it that day, but as this is necessary for the character, it was worth it.”  

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Sisley also adds, “Even though I am skinny, I want to sculpt my body.  I need to start watching my diet and go to the gym to get bigger.”  Mat Yeung who also portrays a special agent, reveals, “In order to resemble actual airport security special agents, twenty something of us go to the gym regularly, get tanned, go running.  We hope on the surface, we can really look like them.  There’s also a lot of locker room scenes, like changing clothes, showering.”  One reporter jests, “So everyone is shirtless most of the time?  Mat responds, “Well no.  Just a lot of locker room scenes.”  A female reporter laughingly says, “There’s more locker room scenes than airport scenes then.”  Mat laughs and says, “Yes. We are airport locker rooms special agents.”

Credit:, Sisley Choi IG

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