Owen Cheung Teases Roxanne Tong’s Weight as Flight Attendant in “Airport Strikers”

Owen Cheung Teases Roxanne Tong's Weight as Flight Attendant in "Airport Strikers"

It is no surprise Owen Cheung (張振朗) is in the news again as TVB is heavily promoting the rising star.  However, this time it’s not related to dating rumors (despite the clickbait title), but about him making fun of his co-star, Roxanne Tong (湯洛雯), in the new TVB series, “Airport Strikers” (機場特警).

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In the series, Owen portrays an airport security special agent, while Roxanne is a flight attendant.  The two are coupled in the series and also have some kiss scenes.  At the blessing ceremony yesterday, Roxanne jokingly asks Owen, “Are you anticipating the kiss scenes with me?”  Owen sharply responds, “It looks like you’re looking forward to them more.”  When asked if Roxanne will have any sexy scenes in the series, she jokes, “I am already sexy enough dressed just like this [in flight attendant’s uniform].”

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Owen goes on to tease Roxanne, calling her “Fat Tong” (肥湯), a play on her nickname “Pretty Tong” (靚湯) due to her recent weight gain.  He continues to say that Roxanne is even bigger than the airport security special agents.  Roxanne proudly claps back, “I accept it.  Maybe in the future there will be slimming companies looking to sponsor me.  Then I’ll become “Pretty Tong” again, very bouncy (referring to her skin).”  Owen jokes, “She’s working very hard already.  I told her to lose a little bit, she can’t be bigger than an airport security special agent.  She’s already eating very light.”

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Roxanne, who is about 120 pounds, is looking to lose about 10 pounds.  When asked if she’s confident on losing the weight gain, she goes “I am confident I can recover back to when I was a [Miss Hong Kong] pageant contestant.  Although I wasn’t very fit that time either, but it’s better than nothing.”

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Owen also has to get fit for his role.  He also jokes, “This series might go down in history for having the most scenes involving taking clothes off.  Because everyone has to be so fit, the series will involve a lot of actors taking off their clothes and showering.”  Roxanne also jokes, “I hope he [Owen] works harder to get bigger, I don’t want to be bigger than him.”

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