Nancy Wu Denies Turning Down Series Because Ruco Chan is the Male Lead

Nancy Wu Denies Turning Down Series Because Ruco Chan is the Male Lead

There have been constant rumors lately that Nancy Wu (胡定欣) is being frozen by TVB because she is leaving the company after her contract is up. She has since denied the rumors and said that she still has some way to go on her contract. There were also reports claiming Nancy Wu had accepted a role in the series “逆天奇案”, but later turned it down because the male lead is her rumored ex-boyfriend, Ruco Chan (陳展鵬).

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When Oriental Daily News reached out to Nancy Wu to address these reports, she said, “Definitely not!”. However, when reporters pressed on further, she evaded the questions. Reporters also asked Ruco Chan to comment about the rumors Nancy Wu rejecting the series after finding out he was the male lead. He responded, “How do I have the ability to do that? I don’t know where you guys got this version of the story from. I already expected to film this series about a year ago. At the time, I knew the female lead wasn’t this one (Nancy Wu). The female lead is now Rosina Lam (林夏薇). A year ago, it wasn’t her either.”

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Ruco Chan also expressed everyone should just treat these rumors as entertainment. He felt it was weird reporters had messaged him about these rumors and said they should be asking Nancy Wu about it. When asked if his relationship with Nancy Wu wasn’t good so she rejected the series after hearing his name, Ruco Chan said, “Of course not. Where do I get the ability to reject series? I just saw Nancy Wu a few months ago at Pal Sinn’s (單立文) birthday.”

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Reporters kept pressing Ruco Chan about Nancy Wu, which resulted in Ruco Chan getting a bit impatient. He retorted back, “I’m already married and have a child. Why do these rumors still exist? Some questions are better left asking the involved party.” The producer of the series also confirms he never approached Nancy Wu to film this series and says Virginia Lok can corroborate his story. He also says Ruco Chan accepted the role after hearing about the script and didn’t ask who would be portraying the female lead. He says since the beginning, he had planned on using Rosina Lam as the female lead all along.

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Rosina Lam was also asked if she heard about her character was originally planned for Nancy Wu. She said, “I never heard about it. I only focused on my part.”

Credit: (1, 2), Nancy Wu IG, Ruco Chan IG