Kaman Kong Denies Pursuing and Cheating Money from Someone Claiming to be Edison Chen’s Business Partner

Kaman Kong Denies Pursuing and Cheating Money from Edison Chen's Business Partner

TVB starlet, Kaman Kong, (江嘉敏), has been in a stable relationship with her gaming company executive, Anthony, ever since it was discovered the two were dating last year. There were later rumors that the two were even cohabiting together, but Kaman Kong denied it at the time. However, today there are reports alleging she was fooling around with Anthony’s good friend and businessman, “Mr. X”. This Mr. X claims he is Edison Chen’s business partner. Edison Chen also follows him on IG.

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In addition to cheating on Anthony, Mr. X had revealed a bunch of WhatsApp text messages between Kaman Kong alleging she asked him for 500,000 HKD to invest in a piano business and that the two were scheming up a lie to hide their relationship from Anthony, saying they were going on a business trip as an excuse to travel to Japan together. After the reports came out, Kaman Kong denied the allegations and expressed her relationship with Anthony is really good and he understood after she explained everything to him. She also clapped back on Instagram with her version of the story and even tagged Mr. X saying:

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“However you try to mess with my boyfriend and I, it won’t have any affect at all. But you insist on creating something out of nothing, you mess with my family and my work, then I will really get mad! My boyfriend and I expected this day would come. You screen capped the beginning and the end and said I was pursuing you and cheated your money! If you have the guts, don’t just show the beginning and the end of the screenshots, show it all to everyone. You’re all talk, but won’t face what you did. Hurry up and block me and my boyfriend. We know what you’re up to. “Mr. X” or whatever, pretending to be mysterious? More like Mr. Wong X X (She types out his real name). You always said you wanted to be famous. Alright, your wish has come true!” At the end, she tagged Mr. X’s IG name.

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Kaman Kong Denies Pursuing and Cheating Money from Edison Chen's Business Partner

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Kaman Kong continued blasting Mr. X for his behavior. She expressed, “This isn’t his first time harassing us and he had to harass our friends. After I made the post, my friends told me to be careful of this person, but it’s too late. This unhappy incident has already happened today. This person is really weird, saying I cheated him to go to Japan. Let me tell you an example. He once said he is opening a company and wanted to invite artists to go to an event in Japan. I told him I can’t just go because you suddenly said you opened a company. You need to get all the complete information and proof. I told him to prepare the invitation cards, posters and all that so I can let TVB see and have my manager work on the schedule and the price. I told my boyfriend about it and said Mr. Wong invited me to an event. He also agreed with my actions, but it has turned out like this, saying I cheated him out of money to treat me to a vacation.”

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When Kaman Kong went to work today, she revealed TVB executive, Virginia Lok (樂易玲), gave her an earful and told her she shouldn’t be responding to the media. She revealed her boyfriend met Mr. X through a friend and helped Anthony buy clothing and shoes. Kaman Kong says the two aren’t close.

Kaman Kong Denies Pursuing and Cheating Money from Edison Chen's Business Partner

Credit: hk.on.cc (1, 2), Kaman Kong IG