Another TVB Starlet Off the Market: Kaman Kong

Kaman Kong TVB Boyfriend Anthony Sai Kung

TVB rising actress and Otaku goddess, Kaman Kong (江嘉敏), is officially off the market.  Kaman Kong is only 23 this year and gained recognition for her role as “Venus” in TVB’s “Tiger Mom Blues” (親親我好媽).  While the actress is known for her pure and innocent image, she has had her fair share of dating rumors in her short career.  At one point, she was rumored to be the third party in Vincent Wong’s (王浩信) marriage when the two were filming series, “Fist Fight” (兄弟).  Of course, that was not the case and has maintained she was single for a while now.

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Kaman Kong Denies Cohabiting with Boyfriend

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While Kaman Kong has not announced she was dating, Oriental Daily News followed Kaman Kong and her rumored boyfriend, Anthony coming in and out of their love nest in Sai Kung District.  According to Oriental Daily News, Kaman Kong used to live in the upper class residential district, Happy Valley, with her family.  In order for convenience, she rented a space in Sai Kung to be close to rumored boyfriend, Anthony.  

Kaman Kong Ignored Vincent Wong When They Were Rumored to be Dating

Oriental Daily News was able to find out Anthony is a high level executive at a gaming company, who lives in a mansion in Sai Kung worth over 10 million HKD, and drives a BMW.  The other day, Kaman Kong was seen dropping off her boyfriend in her white Audi convertible before she headed to work at Tseung Kwan O.  Oriental Daily followed them back home later that night and Kaman Kong is seen looking around for paparazzi before she and Anthony hold hands.