Kaman Kong Denies Cohabiting with Boyfriend

Kaman Kong Kenneth Ma Denies Cohabiting with Boyfriend

TVB actress, Kaman Kong (江嘉敏), has been in the news quite often lately.  At an event today, reporters brought up the news of her moving near her boyfriend, Anthony, to secretly cohabit together.  She quickly clarifies, “I didn’t move.  It was because of Typhoon “Mangkhut”, which flooded my home.  A lot of the furniture was ruined so we had to renovate.  That’s why I moved some of my furniture away.” 

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When asked if she is temporarily living with her boyfriend, Kaman Kong says, “No, if I need to work, I will temporarily live at a friend’s place.  If I don’t need to work, I go back to my mother’s place.”  Reporters once again asked if she was cohabiting with her boyfriend, Kaman Kong exclaims, “Not that fast.  Girls need to stay reserved.  I had a strict upbringing.  If my mother found out, she would make me kneel on glass.”  

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When asked if her boyfriend has met her parents, Kaman Kong says, “Not that fast.  My mom didn’t have much reaction of us in the news.  She didn’t say anything about meeting him.  She is not in a rush, wait until our relationship is more stable first.”  

Credit: hk.on.cc, Kaman Kong IG