Kaman Kong Considered Ending Her Life When She was Accused of Pursuing Vincent Wong

Kaman Kong Considered Ending Her Life When She was Accused of Pursuing Vincent Wong

Content Warning: The following content may contain verbal and/or visual references to suicide and/or self harm. If you or someone you know is suicidal, please seek assistance with your local suicide intervention group:


TVB actress, Kaman Kong (江嘉敏 ), has been heavily promoted by the company ever since she achieved overnight fame with “Tiger Mom Blues (親親我好媽)”. She has gotten a lot of opportunities to work with star studded casts in big productions. However, she has also been riddled with a lot of gossip and rumors. The most serious one was when she was rumored to be pursuing Vincent Wong (王浩信), who is married to Yoyo Chen, when they went to film in England for the series, “Fist Fight” (兄弟).

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When the series aired, Kaman Kong had expressed that she had ignored Vincent Wong for two days when they were still filming to ignore further misunderstandings. She was mad when she saw the reports and vehemently denied any involvement in pursuing Vincent Wong or breaking up his marriage. To avoid getting her emotions affected, she decided to not read the entertainment news and even deleted apps. She expressed, “It was the first time I had rumors. It was really stressful. I couldn’t figure out why it was like this. I didn’t even do it. I did’t know how to handle it. I went to seek actors, producers, and directors for help. They said the news have to be juicy in order for the viewers to watch it, told me to treat it as a joke.”

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Kaman Kong became the topic of discussion and became so on edge that she almost took her own life. She revealed, “I was crying a lot at the time. I couldn’t believe a cast picture had such a “funny” story come out of it. I couldn’t control my emotions and started thinking astray. Because of these gossip, I didn’t want to step foot in this industry anymore. I even wanted to end my life on top of the roof. This moment really happened!” When asked if she had conflicted self-harm on herself, Kaman Kong said she didn’t. Kaman Kong finally got out of her situation after venting on social media and help from industry friends.

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Despite getting help, Kaman Kong revealed she was depressed for a few months and was only living in her world. She didn’t want to see other people and didn’t want to talk. She expressed, “If I talked with another male artist, they’ll see I’m trying to pursue him. If I talk to girls, they’ll say I like her.” Kaman Kong was afraid of getting emotional problems, but she mostly confided in her younger sisters. So her mother once asked her why she had to find out her daughter was unhappy on social media. This made Kaman Kong really unhappy. So whenever something makes her unhappy now, she would share it with her family so they wouldn’t be so alarmed finding out about it on the news.

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