Vincent Wong and Owen Cheung Reveal How Poor They Were Before Making it Big

Vincent Wong and Owen Cheung Reveal How Poor They Were Before Making it Big

Vincent Wong (王浩信) and Owen Cheung (張振朗) are the leads in the currently airing TVB series, “Al Cappuccino” (反黑路人甲). The two have worked together before on “Legal Mavericks” (踩過界) and its sequel, so their rapport and chemistry proved to be a success in this series. As Vincent Wong’s character is a very dedicated movie buff who really likes to act, he is often paying homage by acting out scenes from movies such as Chow Yun Fat in the God of Gambler movies or the motorcycle scene with Andy Lau and Jacklyn Wu from “A Moment of Romance”. Owen Cheung, who is an undercover cop in the triad society, needs to fulfill Vincent Wong’s requests as he is reliant on his character to carry out the mission.

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The duo were recently interviewed by TVB on “Star Talk”. When asked if they had similar experiences as Vincent Wong’s character, who really likes acting but hasn’t had the opportunities, when they first started, Vincent Wong said, “Of course. At that moment, when I finished filming a series, I was very scared there wouldn’t be another series to film. I was scared I wouldn’t have any jobs as an actor. I was living life with no sense of security all the time. My income was also very sad at the time. I only had double digits in the bank. Luckily, I was living with my family, so I didn’t have that much burden at the time. So I continued persisting on until today.”

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As for Owen Cheung, he shared, “I just started the artists training class. My salary wasn’t high. I also lived very far. I used to live in Tuen Mun and trekked to Tseung Kwan O. The training class was at 9 am. I had no money to take a taxi. At that time, I took a bus, then at night, I’d have to take a bus back to Mongkok, transfer to the minivan, then get back to Tuen Mun. It was like 3-4 hours roundtrip each day. When I went out to eat, I didn’t even dare to add money for an iced lemon tea. I would also see what kind of roles I could play and see if I could imitate them.”

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When the host asked if he had ever imitated Vincent Wong, he immediately said, “No, we were starting around the same time.” Owen Cheung retorted, “If we’re counting to when he was a singer, then it’s not.” Owen Cheung struggles to finish what he said as he bursts into laughter. Vincent Wong asks him, “Why’d you have to diss me?” Owen Cheung continued saying, “It was probably during the karaoke days. I saw Vincent Wong and it was during his #1 days. I sang his songs too.”

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Credit: TVB, Vincent Wong IG