Yang Yang Sings “Love O2O’s” Ending Song Once Again Since Series Aired Four Years Ago

Even though it has been four years since the hit esports series “Love O2O” (微微一笑很倾城) aired, fans still can’t stop thinking about it or the “QingCheng CP” (倾城), portrayed by Yang Yang (杨洋) and Zheng Shuang (郑爽). The duo had a semi reunion last year when Yang Yang recorded a birthday greeting for Zheng Shuang’s 28th birthday fan meeting. They also had solo performances at “HunanTV’s Double 11 Carnival Festival” last year. While the two haven’t had any interaction this year, Yang Yang’s appearance on variety show, “The Irresistible” (元气满满的哥哥), should serve to be a consolation prize for fans this year.

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MangoTV’s new variety show, “The Irresistible”, recently released an outtake clip where the cast members are playing a guessing game. A picture will appear on the screen and they have to sing two verses of a song related to the content of the picture in order to get a point. The first picture was a still of Yang Yang from “Love O2O”. He quickly ran to the mic to sing the song.

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Cheney Chen (陈学冬), who is on Yang Yang’s team, responded, “Aiii, Yang Yang wouldn’t know how to sing this, right?” Yang Yang responded, “How could I not know how to sing this?” Yang Yang then sang the chorus from the “Love O2O” ending theme song that he sang for the series.

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Watch Yang Yang sing the ending theme song below:

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Wu Xin (吴昕) asked Yang Yang when this series aired, Cheney Chen said, “Over 10 years, right?”, which Yang Yang replied, “No, 2016”. Justin Huang Minghao (黄明昊) then said, “I’ve watched this before. It’s about esports, so I’ve watched it before.” Yang Yang at first wanted to retort at Justin Huang’s response, saying, “What?…then, realizes he’s correct saying, “Oh right, right”.

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