Zheng Shuang and Kris Wu Think Each Other are Unsuitable for Dating

Zheng Shuang and Kris Wu Think Each Other are Unsuitable for Dating

Zheng Shuang (郑爽) held a live stream event on August 21 to celebrate her 29th birthday that falls on the following day. The live stream, which was also one that introduced products for sale, became a talking topic and the hashtag “Zheng Shuang live stream” was trending at #1 on Weibo. For one, Zheng Shuang got real candid about how she wanted to do the stream and didn’t like the way the broadcast was being conducted to continuously sell products. She felt uncomfortable and urged her fans to be wise consumers. At one point, her two co-hosts stepped away while Zheng Shuang continued venting.

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Another talking point in the live stream was when one of the hosts asked Zheng Shuang if she wants to date. Zheng Shuang expressed that she doesn’t think she is a suitable person for dating. She explained, “I think my condition is especially good. I really don’t think I am suitable to date.” The male co-host then joked, “This will probably trend on the hot search list.”

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Zheng Shuang explained she filmed a variety show with Kris Wu (吴亦凡) previously and they started talking. Zheng Shuang expressed, “Because everyone thinks we are like ‘siblings in hardship’. He would say to me, ‘You really aren’t suitable for dating’. I said to him, ‘Why do you think that? You aren’t suitable for dating either.'”. When asked how she knows he isn’t suitable, Zheng Shuang explained, “It’s that…[he’s] kind of silly when it comes to love.”

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