Wang Yibo Insisted on Doing His Own Stunts in “My Strange Friend”

Wang Yibo Insisted on Doing His Own Stunts in "My Strange Friend"

One of Wang Yibo’s (王一博) earlier dramas that he filmed in 2017, “My Strange Friend” (我的奇怪朋友), finally aired on August 19. Based on the synopsis from iQiyi, “Wang Yibo plays “Wei Yichen” who has accidentally lost all his super powers except for one that is called “mind reading through face touching.” In order to retrieve the lost super powers, he penetrates Linzhou University and fight, both martially and mentally, the gang who has gained his powers. During the retrieving process, “Wei Yichen” has befriended a group of people at Linzhou University, and through investigations, they find the existence of a mysterious power behind Jiang Doudou.”

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The director and producer of the series, Xing Xiao (邢潇), shared a lengthy post on August 21 sharing his thoughts about the series and extending his gratitude to the cast and crew of the series. He shared that they filmed for over 16 hours each day. Even though they filmed in Zhuhai, which is in the southern part of China and has a subtropical climate, Director Xing said the winter that year was especially cold. He also mentioned his experience working with Wang Yibo. He expressed:

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“The 19 year old Wang Yibo left a very deep impression on me. Yibo has a lot of action scenes in the series. In these situations, it’s usually a consideration to use stunt doubles to film, but the Yibo at the time who was continuously improving and seeking perfection, insisted on shooting it genuinely.

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Even though the set props have been considered not to be dangerous after much inspection, but under such cold conditions, Yibo, who was wearing such thin clothing, still made us break into a sweat! In order to interpret the role well, he really jumped off and jumped on the container each time and practiced the fighting movements over and over again.”

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Xing Xiao also recounted other cast members who put in their effort and heart into the series and thanked them for their contributions.

Watch the series with subs on iQiyi:

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  1. 19 years old yibo??? you mean this series was recorded on 2016??? i mean that’s like 4 years ago and no one really know about this drama???
    aside from that, yibo really did an awesome job in understanding his role, all his hard works and time really worth. even with busy schedule and limited time, he really deserve all the recognition.

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