Huang Zitao Comes Face to Face with “Rap For Youth” Contestant, Ty, who Made Diss Track about Him 5 Years Ago

Huang Zitao Comes Face to Face with Rap For Youth Contestant, Ty, who Made Diss Track about Him 5 Years Ago

The first episode of bilibili’s rap survival show, “Rap For Youth” (说唱新世代), aired on August 22. One of the highlights of the show was mentor, Huang Zitao (黄子韬), coming face to face with contestant, Ty (唐溢), who once made a diss track about him five years ago. Ty was very humble in his greeting to Huang Zitao and even said, “Pleasure to meet you.”

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When Huang Zitao told Ty to introduce himself, he seemed a bit embarrassed and chuckled. Huang Zitao broke the ice by saying, “I know you’ve dissed me before.” Ty responded back, “Yes, five years ago.” Huang Zitao replied, “I heard the song before.” Ty then said, “I am very nervous.”, but Huang Zitao told him, “Don’t be nervous, I can understand.”

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Ty is 31 and hails from Chengdu. This is his 13th year rapping and says he came on the show to exhibit things and change his image, admitting that his image wasn’t so good a few years ago. This introduction elicited laughter from Huang Zitao. Ty said he has matured a lot over the years and explained, “There are some things you just want to express, but there is no need for it to be so offensive. We originally had no beef with each other and it created so many problems.”

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Huang Zitao told Ty, “I just returned at that time. I didn’t know anything. I was just writing a track for an endorsement. The brand told me to be a little more wild with it. You’re not the only one who dissed me. There were a lot of people, but listening to your track, I remember it left a very deep impression on me. It was written very well.” After the episode aired, Huang Zitao posted a screenshot of him and Ty hugging it out from the show. Ty reposted his post and said, “Manly hug.”

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Ty’s diss track below. Part of the lyrics contain:

“F*ck Huang Zitao, I burned down your house
Pretending to be a c*ck rapper over there
In my eyes, he’s just a bird
A bit weak, he’s a bit weak
His vegetables need more fertilizer, understand?
Is he handsome? Honestly speaking, he looks like a r*tard
Your brain has to stop functioning so you can love as deep as the sea”

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