Huang Zitao Denies Love Confession for Anime Character was for “CHUANG 2020” Trainee, Xu Yiyang

Huang Zitao Denies Love Confession for Anime Character was for "CHUANG 2020" Trainee, Xu Yiyang

If you have been following Tencent’s “CHUANG 2020”, you’ll notice that Huang Zitao (黄子韬) is always cheering for trainee, Xu Yiyang (徐艺洋). That is because she is signed to his own management company, “L. Tao Entertainment”. On Episode 8, Part II that aired on June 21, it was the male senior collaboration stage with the trainees. Xu Yiyang was the center of her group, “Miss Freak”, which featured Taiwanese actor, Patrick Shih. For Xu Yiyang’s look, she had pigtails. However, it was because of her pigtails, which led netizens to think that a recent post Huang Zitao made was a love confession for Xu Yiyang.

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Back on June 11, Huang Zitao had shared a fan drawn picture of two anime characters featuring him and a female with pigtails. He left a comment under that post, saying: “Morning. Actually, if we could sit closer, have a hug, it wouldn’t be a problem. It’s good right now, just that the distance is a bit far.” Because of this post, netizens started speculating the girl from the fan drawn picture is actually of Xu Yiyang’s “Rin Tohsaka” look from “Miss Freak”. Rumors about Huang Zitao and Xu Yiyang being a couple started swirling as a result of these speculations.

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On June 22, Huang Zitao released his new song, “Ice Cream”. He responded to the rumors saying, “It’s so hard for me to release a new song…I can’t even…Brother, that girl in the picture is called “Ishtar”, not “Rin”. Figure it out first then come bother me. You don’t even know who is who. If this isn’t jumping on the bandwagon, then what is it? How do you think my “Ishtar” will feel? She will be sad, okay??? Which girl hasn’t done pigtails before?”

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Afterwards, L. Tao Entertainment also denied the rumors, saying: “Huang Zitao, President Tao of L. Tao Entertainment. Xu Yiyang, L. Tao Entertainment contracted artist. That is all. Also, thankful to each person for paying attention to L. Tao Entertainment.”

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  1. każdy ma swoje zdanie na temat tao ale tak czytając komentarze na twisterze itd to się opłakać chce jeśli nawet cos by ich łączyło czemu każdy się wtrąca w jego życie prywatne każdy ma prawo do szczęścia nawet on ale sutego co widzę on jest zapracowany i nawet niema czasu odpocząć kariera jest dla niego ważna on to robi dla swoich fanów a niektórzy z tej zazdrości robią plotki na potęgę jeśli nawet miało by wyniknąć w życiu tao na pewno z biegiem czasu sam to ogłosi

  2. Tao is the best boss! He clears it directly, and shuts dirty as*ses quickly. Xu Yiyang was already with someone like from ‘gx9’? shhhhhh*. Let’s just say Tao supports Yiyang with that ‘someone’ by producing her song written by herself.

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