Kris Wu, Luhan, and Huang Zitao Reminisce about Their Days As Trainees on “CHUANG 2020”

Kris Wu, Luhan, and Huang Zitao Reminisce about Their Days As Trainees on CHUANG 2020

Tencent pulled off the unthinkable when they invited Kris Wu s a special guest judge for the third episode of “CHUANG 2020”. This was a reunion of epic proportions as it brought back Kris Wu with Luhan and Huang Zitao, forming “KrisHanTao”, who haven’t publicly been on stage together since they all returned to China. Fans were gifted with a reunion consisting of 3/4 of the EXO-M China line members.

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On episode three, Kris Wu first enters the set while Luhan and Huang Zitao are teaching a group of trainees his song, “Big Bowl Thick Noodles”. Kris Wu says he’s here to visit Luhan and Huang Zitao. During a break, Kris Wu asks Huang Zitao and Luhan about their experiences being mentors this time. Huang Zitao explains the trainees are under much more pressure because there are only 7 debut spots. Kris Wu then responds, “So you guys have to be a bit more strict?” Luhan immediately agrees and brings up memories how they received strict treatment when they were trainees.

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Luhan saying the trainees would cry if they went through the same strict training they did

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Reminiscing their trainee days

Kris Wu then says, “So right now, we’re very strict towards them?” Luhan says, “Still haven’t reached that level of strictness. If it reached that level, I reckon they would be crying everyday.” Kris Wu responds, “We didn’t cry during those times either.”, but he immediately points at Huang Zitao and says, “He probably cried”. Luhan then busts on Huang Zitao and says, “The first time he came to the practice room. Do you remember the first class? He ran off during the session, our crazy dance class. When we found him, he was crying over there. It was too much pressure. He was crying in the bathroom by himself.”

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Luhan recounting the time Huang Zitao running off during class and finding him crying alone in the bathroom

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Huang Zitao expressed, “Didn’t know how to dance. Really didn’t know how to dance.” Kris Wu says of Huang Zitao, “He’s in charge of crying. Crying boy”. Huang Zitao says once more, “Really didn’t know how to dance”. Luhan comforts Huang Zitao and says, “You were still young back then. You get obsessed over the small things very easily.” Huang Zitao explains he had two things he needed two accomplish at the time, which was singing and dancing. He had a lot of stress at the time because he didn’t know how to do anything.

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Huang Zitao recounting he didn’t know how to do anything when he was first became a trainee

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First time on stage

A staff member then asks about their first time performing on stage together. Huang Zitao brings up the showcase and Luhan says he was so nervous he was about to “pee in his pants”. He was afraid of making mistakes, which Kris Wu nodded and agreed. Huang Zitao said he was so nervous he kept panting. Luhan recounted, “I don’t know…just suddenly one day, they allow you to go on stage. You’re not mentally prepared either. Even though you’ve been training for a while now, but the first time going on that stage…that feeling is still something…”

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Tao’s unforgettable memory that made him cry

Huang Zitao then brings up one unforgettable memory from many years ago that still makes him want to cry. He says Kris Wu and Luhan probably don’t remember. Huang Zitao explains, “That night, I was already asleep. You two suddenly returned. I put that piece of paper over there. I don’t remember what I wrote.” Kris Wu immediately asks him, “Did you write something like ‘I’m going to sleep. You two rest up earlier?’ or something like that. Or did you say ‘Quiet down a bit’. Told us to be quiet. ‘I need to sleep’.” Huang Zitao vehemently denies it, while Luhan and Kris Wu are passionately looking at the staff members and says “It definitely happened!”.

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Kris Wu and Luhan vehemently saying Huang Zitao told them to be quiet because he’s sleeping

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Kris Wu then busts on Huang Zitao being a “healthy boy” and says when he sleeps he likes to say, “Gege-men (Older brothers), I need to sleep. Can you guys not be so noisy?”. Huang Zitao continues with the latter part of the story and says, “When you guys saw that piece of paper, I wasn’t completely asleep. Both of you came over and touched my face and head.”

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Huang Zitao telling Kris Wu and Luhan they touched his face and head when he was asleep

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Luhan asks Kris Wu, “Really?”, while Kris Wu has a ‘WTF’ face and in disbelief that this ever happened. Kris Wu also says, “No, right…”

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Luhan and Kris Wu looking at each other in disbelief that they would touch Huang Zitao while he was asleep

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Kris Wu asks why they would touch him and Huang Zitao explains in frustration, “It’s because you guys saw the piece of paper. I forgot what I wrote.” Kris Wu bursts his bubble and says, “There is a possibility he completely imagined this. He doesn’t even remember what he wrote.” Huang Zitao goes, “Am I mental?!”

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Kris Wu saying Huang Zitao imagined this whole thing

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Aside from reminiscing their times together, Luhan and Kris Wu also performed their song, “Coffee”, together.

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