Sasaeng Fans’ Conversation with Huang Zitao and Kris Wu When They Were Still EXO Members Leaked

Sasaeng Fans' Conversation with Huang Zitao and Kris Wu When They Were Still EXO Members Leaked

Before Kris Wu (吴亦凡) and Huang Zitao (黄子韬) left EXO, the two were said to be really good bandmates. Then Kris Wu left the group first, sending shockwaves throughout the K-Pop industry. It’s said their relationship took a hit when Kris Wu left as he didn’t tell the other members. Shortly after, Huang Zitao also left the group. Even after the two returned to China to focus on their careers, they still seemed distant from each other. A year or two ago, the two finally rekindled their friendship.

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What’s shocking is someone recently leaked a clip of what seemed to be a phone call between sasaeng fans and Huang Zitao first and then Kris Wu when they were still part of EXO. It’s reported sasaeng fans had called up Huang Zitao and Kris Wu’s room number at a hotel. Huang Zitao picks up the phone and says, “Wei, Hello.” A bunch of girls are heard asking if it’s really Huang Zitao, which he says yes. They then ask who else is in the room. Huang Zitao honestly answers, Kris. The fan then asks to speak to Kris, which Huang Zitao actually complies.

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Sasaeng Fans' Conversation with Huang Zitao and Kris Wu When They Were Still EXO Members Leaked

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When Kris Wu answers the phone, the girls go crazy. One of the girls tells Kris Wu they want to treat them to coffee and says they can give it to their security personnel to bring it up to the members. Kris Wu says, “You guys can try. If it works, then just give it to me. But I don’t know if it’ll work because I’m not familiar with things here.” The girls sound disappointed and tell him, “It’s just jiejies’ little token of appreciation.” Kris Wu then explains the company (SM) is very strict and hard for them to accept gifts.”

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Sasaeng Fans' Conversation with Huang Zitao and Kris Wu When They Were Still EXO Members Leaked

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The girls quickly change their tone and ask about Lay Zhang (张艺兴). They ask if he’s in his room, Kris Wu says he should be. The girls actually have the audacity to ask him, “Then why is he not picking up the phone. Every time he picks up he says, ‘Yo’ and then hangs up.” Kris Wu politely responds back, “Oh, is that so? I don’t know because I’m not with him either.” The girls then tell him to rest earlier and not to practice too late. They finally say they won’t disturb them further. The phone call ends after they wish each other a happy new year.

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Listen to the clip here:

It’s unfathomable how Huang Zitao and Kris Wu remained so calm and patient with these sasaeng fans. A netizen commented about this conversation saying, “Korean idols that debuted earlier don’t dare to offend sasaeng fans and those on the frontline.”, explaining both of them depend on each other.

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Fans also recounted some of the experiences EXO encountered back then. For example, a bunch of sasaeng fans would squat from afar and use a magnifying glass to see their idols, excessive knocking on room doors, squatting outside their rooms to record their conversations, call the room numbers until they pick up. The scariest experience they shared was when sasaengs bribed the cleaning staff to get into their idol’s room to lay on the bed their idol slept on or touch the towel they used.

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