Huang Zitao Tells Fans Not to Call Him Husband

Huang Zitao Tells Fans Not to Call Him Husband

Huang Zitao (黄子韬) and the rest of the mentors are currently filming for the upcoming third season of the Chinese version of “Produce 101”, called “Produce Camp 2020” (创造营2020). There have been many leaked pictures of the trainees and mentors during the filming sessions. Huang Zitao decided to join in on the fun and posted his own “leaked” photo.

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On April 16, Huang Zitao posted this picture on Weibo with the caption: “Good morning”. Fans immediately left comments complimenting him and said, “Instructor Huang, good morning”. After seeing those comments, Huang Zitao responded back to fans and said, “Don’t call me instructor, it seems so unfamiliar.” Then his fans switched gears and called him “husband”. Huang Zitao also replied back saying, “Husband is too much. Didi (younger brother) is doable for me. I am willing to be didi.”

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Huang Zitao’s own management company, L. TAO Entertainment, joined in on the fun the next day. His company’s official Weibo posted this GIF of him with the caption: “Good night, little President Tao. Didi (not). Huang Zitao reposted it and said, “You’re just saying good night to me now, what time is it? I am stuck on the road and can’t return to the hotel right now. I am in a very bad mood.”

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One of L.TAO Entertainment’s artist, Xu Yiyang (徐艺洋), is also a trainee on “Produce Camp 2020”. She reportedly used to be a SM trainee.

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