Huang Zitao Frightened His Fans with Two Weibo Posts

Huang Zitao Frightened His Fans with Two Weibo Posts

Huang Zitao (黄子韬) keeps shocking his fans and keeping them on the edge of their seats with his Weibo posts. On May 22nd, Huang Zitao posted this on Weibo: “If I do the surgery, wish me a successful surgery. So scared, I haven’t had a surgery in a long time.”

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This startled his fans and they left comments asking him “What surgery?”, “What’s the situation?”. Huang Zitao clarified in the comments that he was just getting surgery on the stye on his eye. He said: “I was too nervous and forgot to say it. It’s still the stye that wasn’t removed thoroughly. I previously did it 6 times within a year. I’m already scared.”

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Some fans told him not to worry and assured him the surgery would be successful. Some told him not to stay up so late anymore to avoid the stye growing back. A lot of comments were from fans saying how they were “scared to death” from Huang Zitao’s initial surgery revelation. He responded to the comments saying, “Scared to death??? A stye surgery isn’t a surgery??? It’s nothing???”

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Then on May 23, he continued frightening his fans when he posted a “horror” video that “scared everyone to death” when they saw it. The contents of the video are unknown as he has already deleted it. Many fans commented they were scared to death and with people saying they almost threw their phones away. He later posted again saying, “Hi~~Sorry to those who were frightened.” In the comments, he also told people not to block him and he urged everyone to watch “Chuang 2020” tonight.

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