Lay Zhang Proudly Shows Off EXO to Other Contestants on “CZR II”

Lay Zhang Proudly Shows Off EXO to Other Contestants on "CZR II"

Despite Lay Zhang (张艺兴) focusing on his Chinese activities in the past few years, his brotherhood with his EXO members is still strong as ever. When Xiumin was the first to enlist in the army last May, Lay Zhang recorded a video message for him and called in during Xiumin’s fan meeting send off. When D.O. enlisted in the army last July, Lay Zhang especially flew to Korea to see him off. When the group’s leader, Suho, enlisted on May 14, Lay Zhang also dedicated an IG story sending him off.

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This week, Lay Zhang had the urge to show off his EXO members to the other contestants on iQiyi’s singer-songwriter survival show, “CZR II” (我是唱作人 II). On the May 22nd episode, Lay Zhang suddenly took out his phone and started showing off his EXO group mates to the other contestants. One of the female contestants said, “Wow, it’s your phone’s background.” Lay Zhang responds, “Yes, my locked screen is also of them.”

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Lay Zhang then showed his phone to Che Che (车澈), the show’s director, and said, “My group, it’s them. When we go to Korea, we often get together.” Che Che responded, “The thing with teams is…” and Lay Zhang responded, “It’s quite beautiful.” Lay Zhang continues showing off his EXO members to the other contestants and says, “My screensaver right now is of my members.” This elicits a lot of oohs and ahhs from the group. Lay Zhang continues to say, “When we get together, we always feel like, ‘Hey look, we’ve already spent so much time together’ and we would look back fondly [of those memories]. Then we would go talk, eat, play, have a drink.”

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This segment elicited a lot of “We are one”, EXO’s slogan, from EXO-L’s in the comments.

Watch the clip here:

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