Lay Zhang Recounts Healthy Competition with Kai During EXO’s Trainee Days

Lay Zhang Recounts Healthy Competition with Kai During EXO's Trainee Days

In a preview for Episode 6 of Youku’s survival show, “We Are Young 2020” (少年之名), the show conducts a backstage interview with mentor, Lay Zhang (张艺兴). The interviewer mentions to Lay Zhang that there are trainees who feel they don’t have much activity or screen time on the show. In turn, they feel viewers can’t see their strengths. On the contrary, it’s their companions who can sometimes discover their strengths and highlights. So the interviewer asks Lay Zhang would these type of trainees have a higher probability of staying on the show or if there are other factors that contribute to it.

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Lay Zhang explained, “When I was in the group, I didn’t think I was that good. So I thought, I seem to have a lot of time I could use to supplement it. You tell me to join them, I suppose I could spend time to fill up myself. What else can I do? Still discover others’ strengths? I haven’t even discovered my own strengths. But I feel if I really like a member’s strong point, I would dance with them more, learn more from them. Healthy competition. This type of feeling happens quite fast when you’re growing up. There should be healthy competition.”

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Lay Zhang then brought up his experiences with fellow EXO member, Kai. He explained, “For example, there is a member in our group called, Kai. When two people are dancing, it’s a healthy competition. Sometimes when Kai and I were together, and our leader, Suho, we’d eat rice cakes together, practice, eat together. They’d take me out to have fun. During that time, I actually grew up quite fast. Later on, I tied myself down to seriously start learning again and attend classes. Afterwards, I met some really good teachers.”

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Later on, Lay Zhang mentioned he exchanged texts a few days prior with his members about dancing and he brought up Youku’s “Street Dance of China 3” (这!就是街舞3), where he is one of the team leaders. Lay Zhang mentioned there were dance battles and said they could have some fun together if there was an opportunity. He also mentioned, “Kai also dances very well.”

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The interviewer then asked Lay Zhang to affirm if having companions by their side, it would allow them to improve greatly and whether there is healthy competition among each other. Lay Zhang said, “Yes, there is. There is definitely healthy competition. First, you must discover other people’s strengths. In order to discover other people’s strengths, you must learn from them. The learning process is actually another form of growing up because other people dance so well. I remember saying this. When I first joined the company, I saw Kai dancing and I said, ‘Woooow, how can someone dance so well?’. I only had this thought, that is how can there be someone who dances so well.”

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Lay Zhang recounting his reaction when he saw Kai dance for the first time

Credit: Weibo (1, 2, 3), Kai IG

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