Jing Tian Blames Botched Double Eyelid Surgery Turned Her into “Pepe the Frog”

Jing Tian Blames Botched Double Eyelid Surgery Turned Her into "Pepe the Frog"

Chinese actress, Jing Tian, had a live stream event marketing beauty products on July 30. She was really candid during a segment when she admitted for the first time that she had double eyelid surgery. Not only did she admit to it, but she also revealed it was a botched surgery that made her end up looking like “Pepe the Frog”, also known as “Sad Frog”.

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Jing Tian explained when she was filming, she used to put on lace mesh double eyelid tape with “alcohol glue” to hold up the tape better. She was afraid of all the pulling on her eyelid. One time, her eyes ended up getting a severe allergic reaction. Because of this, she decided to get the non-incision double eyelid surgery. However, after it was done, Jing Tian said, “I’m done for. I became “Sad Frog”. The line wasn’t embedded properly. It was very swollen above and below the eyelid.”

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Jing Tian also urged people thinking about getting plastic surgery and minor work done to consider it carefully, do their due diligence, and find a good doctor and hospital. She said she was depressed every day after getting it done. She regretted getting it done and wanted to cry every day. Eventually, she got restorative surgery to fix it.

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