Yang Zi’s Fans are Demanding Her Stylist to Resign for Not Styling Her Properly

Yang Zi's Fans are Demanding Her Stylist to Resign for Not Styling Her Properly

Yang Zi (杨紫) was trending on July 30 when her fans started a campaign protesting her stylist’s lack of attention in styling her. The situation got so extreme that the hashtag, “Yang Zi’s stylist”, was trending on Weibo as her fans expressed their displeasure at her styling team for not dressing her properly.

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Her fans collectively gathered “evidence” from interviews, events, videos, etc. and came up with the following 8 crimes her stylist, Liu Ke (刘珂), committed against Yang Zi. They are collectively demanding for her stylist to resign or for Yang Zi’s team to terminate the working relationship with Liu Ke.

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1. “Reject the matching pattern” – referring to the same style of clothing

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2. “Refuse to stay the same” – referring to the same hairstyle

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3. “Accessories edition: Stylist using her for favors”

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4. “Clothing edition: Over 10 endorsements, all the clothing are from one brand”

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5. “Shoes that don’t fit”
6. “1.3m photography” – photographing Yang Zi like she has body proportions of someone that is 1.3m in height.
7. “Dirty and messy up make up + gaudy looking bangs”

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8. “Promoting one outfit with curtains as the entire background”

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In addition to Yang Zi, her fans also compared a model’s look before and after Liu styled her. They are also asking Yang Zi’s team to value the importance of her fans’ demands. Yang Zi, her team, nor Liu Ke have responded to these claims.

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Left: Before Liu Ke’s styling
Right: After Liu Ke’s styling

Credit: Weibo (1, 2)

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  1. Lmaoo i applaud her fans. It’s true YZ’s looks are not as good as others and she always get sh*t for it tho it’s her stylist. People say she gains weight easily or she’s not pretty but a stylist’s job is to give her client styling that flatter her style and body. The same style also leaks into her drama like her clothes in Go go squid are so meh, yeah it might fit her character but she wear similar baggy clothes or long shirts with sneakers in other dramas too, nothing new about her clothes or hair styling while she’s on the rise. Do better Liu Ke!

  2. FINALLY!! Change needs to be made, sorry stylist lady…your not cut out for the job. Tong Nian couldn’t dress well in GGS but please make her dress better in real life!

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