“Ashes of Love” Producer Confirms Sequel, “Love When the Stars Fall”, is in the Works

Ashes of Love Producer Confirms Sequel, Love When the Star Falls, is in the Works

The 2018 hit series, “Ashes of Love” (香蜜沉沉烬如霜) brought great popularity to its stars, Allen Deng (邓伦) and Yang Zi (杨紫). Many people became fans of the on-screen couple and have been hoping for another collaboration. Youku and the production team officially announced a sequel to “Ashes of Love” would be happening on March 10. This news got plenty of fans of the first series excited.

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Youku released photos of the novel and artwork posters. The series will be adapted from the novel “Love When the Stars Fall” (星落凝成糖). This adaption is meant to be the last episode of “The Honey Trilogy” with the first being “Ashes of Love”, followed by “Skate Into Love” (冰糖炖雪梨).

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Andy Liu Ning (刘宁), producer of “Ashes of Love”, reposted Youku’s official announcement, saying: “Fragrant Honey (香蜜 – Ashes of Love), Rock Candy (冰糖 – Skate Into Love), Star Candy (星糖 – Love When the Star Falls). I hope this will be a big reunion. We will continue the world’s view of “Fragrant Honey” (Xiang Mi). The story of the four realms will still continue. The main leads of ‘Star Candy’ will come from ‘Fragrant Honey’ and ‘Rock Candy’. Everyone can read the novels.”

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Youku’s post included this caption in their official announcement: “Two flowers growing side by side on the same stem, a mixed up marriage, which tore apart two absolutely beautiful fairy romances. #thehoneytrilogy #thefinale #tvserieslovewhenstarsfall officially launched, the original team from “Ashes of Love”, “Skate into Love”, assemble together, build up craftsmanship. Please stay tuned.”

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Many fans immediately called for Allen Deng, Yang Zi, and Leo Luo to reunite in this, but it’s unsure if they will be involved. The novel talks about a pair of princesses in the human world. The older sister is gentle and kind and is betrothed to the god clan as a heavenly concubine. The younger sister is clever and cunning and is betrothed to the demon clan as a demon concubine. Due to an unexpected mix up, the two sisters were sent to the wrong clans. This creates countless laughters. It will also involve two romantic and beautiful love stories.

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Following the official announcement, there were rumors Jelly Lin (林允) was tapped to star in “Love When the Stars Fall”. However, her studio quickly denied it, saying they didn’t have any contact about this.

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13 thoughts on ““Ashes of Love” Producer Confirms Sequel, “Love When the Stars Fall”, is in the Works

  1. I am from the Philippines and Ashes of love really caught my attention when I watched it in Netflix. I love the story and the story lines of Yang Zi and Deng Lun all through out. I love the chemistry of both actors and the rest of the casts too. I am looking forward to the sequel. I just hope that all characters of the first will be in the next sequel. I love to see Yang Zi and Deng Lun continuing their love story. They are so cute together.

    1. Yes all true. I am from the Philippines also i watch it over 15 times already and i can’t help my self but cry as if its my first time watching it. I love how Deng Lun and Yang Zi gave a special character as Zufeng and Jim ni. I also hope that all the character in Season 1 will be in the next sequel. I really love Deng Lun and Yang Zi to be the main lead character in the next sequel. We are all waiting for the Season 2 of Ashes of Love. Make it happen. Please❤️

  2. I dont have much info, does ashes of love have prequel/sequel, i saw it on Netflix and dont know anything about it other than SAW IT ON NETFLIX. New to drama series itself so dont know much. Anything to share anyone,???

  3. I really love this drama…i am not fond of dramas but the ashes of love i still keeps on watching again and again….i never get bored of watching it even million times….I am eagerly waiting for the sequel of ashes of love….deng lun and yang zi looks great together and hopefully in future we will see them most often in other dramas as well❤❤❤

  4. I am so caught up with ashes of love and concerned if it stay on Netflix for awhile like many of us were just seeing it for the first time. Is it available on DVD. Which would be wonderful.

  5. I am from the USA and I LOVE, LOVE, LOVED! Ashes of Love. It had me on a emotional rollercoaster (laughter, suspense, crying, shocked) all into one. It’s one of those expect the unexpected series that I couldn’t get enough of.
    When will the 2nd series air? I’m having withdrawals. 😁
    Please keep your fans updated 🙏🏽.

  6. I loved this series. Didn’t read a novel watched the show on netflix. So read subtitles. But it was amazing. If the novels are in English would love to read it

  7. I loved ashes of love the whole crew of actors really clicked I want more of the show and I am from America I don’t mind sun titles it’s that good

    1. yes. hope they will reunite. their onscreen chemistry is really amazing. Steven Zhang and Janice Wu!!

  8. I never read it. I watched it on Netflix. The subtitles went rather fast but thankfully you can always push the back button :).. Absolutely loved it..Hope they make a Ashes of love 2..

  9. Can anyone pls tell me where i can read English translation of) ove wen the star falls

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