Yu Zheng Manages to Compliment Yang Zi and Insult Her Male Co-Stars in One Interview

Yu Zheng Manages to Compliment Yang Zi and Insult Her Male Co-Stars in One Interview

Yu Zheng (于正) strikes again with his bold statements. The renowned producer is known for making controversial statements. In a recent interview, he was asked to evaluate what he thought were the most outstanding performances from this summer. He first praised “The Longest Day In Chang’an” (长安十二时辰), Wang Yibo and Xiao Zhan in “The Untamed”, and then mentions “Go Go Squid!”

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He mentions, “I especially like Yang Zi’s (杨紫) performance. So I said to Xu Kai (许凯), if there is a chance, you must work with Yang Zi. It’ll create a really different kind of spark. The girl next door type of girl, it’s especially easy for them to express love. So this is why some female actors can bring popularity to male actors, because male actors don’t need to act.”

Watch the interview here: http://t.cn/Aigps6Wh?m=4444401256099194&u=5310078607

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While this might seem like a compliment, this is actually quite offensive to her co-stars. Yang Zi had previously mentioned she didn’t like being labeled as a lucky charm for her male co-stars. She explained, “Everyone would be tagging me on Weibo each day saying I made so and so popular. I think this is really unfair to them. Everyone is working hard. It’s not because of me that makes them popular. A good series is dependent on the whole production team’s efforts. They invested 100% of their efforts to only get to where they are today. If you’re purely saying I made someone popular, this is very unfair. It’s the equivalent of obliterating their efforts. I don’t particularly like to hear these type of words.”

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Yu Zheng Manages to Compliment Yang Zi and Insult Her Male Co-Stars in One Interview

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Some fans were very gracious towards Yu Zheng’s evaluation, saying, “Thank you Yu Zheng Laoshi for acknowledging Yang Zi, but each actor relies on their own efforts. There’s no such saying as bringing popularity to someone else.” While some netizens were not as kind and said, “If you don’t know what you’re saying, then shut up. Not everyone can be ‘Han Shangyan’ (韩商言).”, “If he doesn’t mention them then who would watch his show?”, “Saying male actors don’t need to act then says his own company’s male actor is a talented performer. Such contradictory words.”

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7 thoughts on “Yu Zheng Manages to Compliment Yang Zi and Insult Her Male Co-Stars in One Interview

  1. The dramas I’ve seen of YZ, she’s just like any other actress (not as great as the praises, but not bad). The potential are there, but the characters are nothing to write home about. She is definitely likable though. I couldn’t finish “…Squid.” I did like her in Battle of Changsha and felt the acting was fitting for such a dramatic/serious drama, but that was all the way back in 2014 and her recent projects are really not that great to be praise for her acting.

  2. Wow look at all the haters hating on Yang Zi when she wasn’t even the one making the comments. Whatever my girl keep shining.

  3. Sorry, but she’s not even as good as her former female co-star in The Legend of Chusen, Zhao Liying. Even when Zhao Liying is already a good actress herself, the drama needs male actors to contribute as well and they are just as good. Moreover, Yu Zheng’s comment is just making Yang Zi sound overrated.

  4. I am a huge Ma Tianyu stan, but I did not, could not watch my Mowgli Boy because of her. I do not want beautiful Xu Kai to do anything with her.

  5. Um…I hope Yu Zheng realizes he needs to look after his own artists before criticizing others because I’m pretty sure a handful of them are just pretty faces. His comments just made it hard to want a Yang Zi and Xu Kai collaboration.

    1. Lmao hate YZ all you want. He is know for drama creator and his bad mouth but leave his artist alone.
      I don’t even like YZ but he does have good eyes for his artist. I wouldn’t call Yang Rong, Chen Xiao, Xu Kai, Wu Jia Yi, Bai Lu are just pretty faces. Some of them are quite underrated in my opinion.

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