Lokyi Lai’s Wife Won’t Let Him Speak English to Their Son

Lokyi Lai's Wife Won't Let Him Speak English to Their Son

Lokyi Lai (黎諾懿) was at an event today and he mentioned his two and half year old son, Lugus, is currently learning four languages, Cantonese, Mandarin, English, and Tagalog. He expressed, “My son is primarily speaking English right now. Because my wife speaks to him in English and she also banned me from speaking English to him. She’s afraid my broken English would torment our son. However, my English is better lately.” (Did your wife ban you from speaking Mandarin?) “I didn’t speak. I like to speak English. The more I don’t know it, the more I want to speak it. As for Mandarin, I’ll wait for my son to learn more first and then speak to him. There are a lot of things I have to learn from my son. Maybe when that time comes, my wife will ban me from speaking Mandarin.”

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Lokyi Lai also said he hopes his son will be able to speak Cantonese. He explained, “My wife likes Western style education, but I want my son to learn Chinese. I hope he can learn all the Chinese characters and knows how to speak Cantonese. I’ve seen a lot of international school students that don’t know one word of Cantonese or any Chinese characters. So I will train my son well. When he asks me for money later on, he must speak Cantonese.” He also said his Cantonese is better than his wife’s because she has “lazy sounds” (懶音), so the responsibility of teaching Cantonese to their son is left to him.

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When it came to work, Lokyi Lai shared that a lot of his projects have been pushed back to February 2020 due to the current situation with Hong Kong’s society. He is currently resting now and taking odd jobs, but said, “Even though my work has decreased, but I have more time to spend with my son.”

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