Yu Zheng Rules Out Xu Kai Joining Rumored Drama Adaptation of BL Novel, “Heaven Official’s Blessing”

Yu Zheng Rules Out Xu Kai Joining Rumored Drama Adaptation of BL Novel, Heaven Official's Blessing

Rumors started a few days ago that casting had already began for the drama adaptation of the highly popular Chinese BL novel, “Heaven Official’s Blessing” or “Tian Guan Ci Fu” (天官赐福), by MXTX (墨香铜臭). While the rumors didn’t state it was for this novel, it somehow started circulating that the “huge IP (intellectual property) project” was for “Tian Guan Ci Fu” (TGCF) and it even trended high on Weibo’s hot search list. The rumors stated members of the group, ONER, Ling Chao and Pinkray, and BonBon Girls 303 member, Liu Xiening, had gone to audition on September 24.

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Some netizens aren’t convinced about the news of the series and left comments saying they haven’t started the project for “TGCF”. They told netizens to focus on the October 31 release of the “TGCF” anime on bilibili instead. However, some fans still couldn’t contain their excitement at the possibility.

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A netizen had recently left a comment on the Weibo account of Chinese producer, Yu Zheng (于正), asking if he could let his artist, Xu Kai (许凯), audition for “TGCF”. They said, “Yu Zheng-laoshi, can you (formal) let Xu Kai go audition for one of the male leads, “Hua Cheng”, in “Tian Guan Ci Fu”? I think his image is very suitable. In fact, Tencent spent 40 million RMB on this big IP project. “Hua Cheng’s” persona is very good. Whoever portrays him will definitely explode. Xu Kai should go fight for it. Starts filming in March 2021.” At the time, Yu Zheng responded to this person, saying, “[He] can act in any good script, my views are also changing.”

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However, on September 29, Yu Zheng made this post on IG, saying, “Bad peoples’ associations are so rich. Xu Kai has no availability. Wang Xingyue’s (王星越) male lead has no relation with so and so. I was just responding to a netizen’s comment. I already forgot. It has nothing to do with my project. It’s just a coincidence that the story happens in X city, that’s all. Our new series is very good and it can’t be worse than so and so. Ai, not saying anymore. I am refuting endlessly everyday.”

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These comments bit Yu Zheng in the back as a netizen had dug up an old comment Yu Zheng made. He had once said, “Xu Kai and Song Weilong definitely won’t film danmei. Reverse provocateur.” Song Weilong has reportedly been filming for “The Society of Four Leaves”, which is based on BL novel, “Zhang Gongan” (张公案).

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